Episode One. In which we find out whether or not I’m any good at blogging.

Yesterday I had a bit of a problem with my lancing device.  That sounds like some improbable turn of events in an Ealing Comedy that explains why anybody in their right mind would end up in Lancing, but it’s actually a bit of diabetic kit.  It’s also known (by me at least) as the finger pricker pen gun thingy.  It’s the machine that draws blood from the fingertip, the blood that contains more or less sugar than you want it to, making you feel guilty or morally superior to people with less self-control than yourself, respectively.

It’s a little plastic thing, you put your lancet (stabby needles) in, pull back the end (cock it), put it over your fingertip, push the button (trigger) and go “OW” *wince*.  The spring went in mine, I pulled back the end, pushed the button and nothing happened.  When your finger pricker is no longer capable of pricking your finger, you’re left with a bit of a dilemma.  Do you experiment with drawing blood in other, more emo ways, or do you run around like a headless chicken trying to find a new lancing device, all the while imaging that, although your dietary habits and insulin intake haven’t changed, your blood sugar is taking advantage of the lack of babysitter to skyrocket, and your pancreas is about to take off into the stratosphere leaving you with a gaping hole where it used to live?

I’d have thought you could just go and buy a new one, in Boots or someplace.  You can get whole diabetic kits in there now, everything you need to check your own blood sugar, whether there’s any medical reason for that or not.  But apparently it’s not that easy.  They don’t sell them on their own, it seems.  For me to get my little finger pricker I had to buy the whole kit.  As a diabetic, I don’t have to pay VAT on it, but that’s not really the point.

Apparently I could’ve gone to a walk-in centre, or my local diabetes clinic, or some random doctor, and I’d have gotten one free.  Similarly, the manufacturer of my first one (which I have had since the day I was diagnosed) would replace it for me if I just called them.  However, I doubt they’d rush over a little plastic piece of crap on a bike courier so I could find out how much my ham sandwich had affected my blood glucose after lunch.  So I went looking for a new kit.

I ended up buying the OneTouch UltraEasy in pink.  If you want it, let me know.  Because, although the finger pricker is a lovely, handy, pain-free little lifesaver, the reader I already have is doing just fine.

Diabetic moment of the day

Have you noticed how an awful lot of newsagents and even supermarkets don’t sell cans or 500ml bottles of any sugarfree fizzy juice other than Diet Coke (and variations there0f)?  Today, for no apparent reason, the newsagents by my work had cans of Diet Irn Bru.

I got so excited I bought five cans.


One Response to “Episode One. In which we find out whether or not I’m any good at blogging.”

  1. the Lancing device is dotmund’s brother

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