Episode Two. In which we prepare for Christmas.

I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year.  Even more than usual.  Not just because of the time off work, but also because we’ve got friends coming round.

I’ve never hosted Christmas before, this is only my second Christmas outside the family home, and last year we went to someone else’s place.  It was a brilliant day, and I only hope we can manage something half as good.  We don’t often host social events, and we’re kind of Scroogey about Christmas, but I am already quite excited about Christmas Day.  It is, after all, a special day, Scroogey or not, and I am feeling very contented about spending it with friends.  There’s something slightly less dutiful about it when you’ve chosen who to spend the day with, however much you love your family.  I’d love to be with my family, but they’re a very, very long way away, and I can’t be.   And even if I was, and even if it was my first choice, there would still be an element of “well, you know, it’s what you do at Christmas”.  None of that this year.

*aside: as I write this, Henry the cat is sitting on me.  I have my laptop on my lap, and Henry, in his unconditional adulation and proprietorial jealousy, has decided it’s in his space.  So he’s sitting between me and it.  Basically, he’s lying across my forearms.  And being very civilised about getting jiggled about while I’m typing.

Back to Christmas.

I realised the other day that we don’t have as many plates as we have Christmas RSVPs.  I originally got my dinner set at Woolworths, so my first thought was to go there, but I didn’t hold out much hope.  Since Woolworths just went down the pan and is currently having massive cutprice sales to clear the shelves, they don’t have a lot left to sell.  However, I went along this morning, just in case.  I had to get bubblewrap anyway (see above re: family living far, far away).

It’s chucking down rain so I was already carrying an umbrella that, I should’ve known, had proved itself useless in the inevitable Sussex windy weather.  When I got to the shops I decided to try Woolworths first, just because the extra five minutes might be the difference between getting a couple of plates and not getting a couple of plates.  And wouldn’t you know it, they had four dinner sets left on the shelves.  Two of which were exactly the dinner set we already have at home!  So I got another one, and now we’re covered.  Unless I manage to break any more crockery in the next twelve days.  I then went on to buy some wine glasses (because we usually drink out of bottles/cans/tumblers.  Let’s face it, if England had trailer parks, we’d belong there) and had to get the bus home because a) all my stuff was very heavy and b) the vast majority of it was highly breakable.

And now I’m sitting at home, eating egg toast, drinking a lovely cup of tea, warming up with a lovely hot water bottle, watching Mythbusters with my man and my cat.  I know it’s a bit early for a blog post about how my Saturday went, but I don’t see how it can get much better.  And if it does, I’m sure Sunday will be boring enough to leave me some space.

Diabetic moment of the day

Standing in Woolworths trying to convince myself that I was shaky, rather than just hungry, which would justify buying a big bag of Pick and Mix.

I wasn’t shaky at all, I just really, really miss those little white chocolate mice with the pink goo in the middle.


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