Episode 7. In which we congratulate a friend on her imminent immigration.

Today I have my work Christmas party.  I got up at 5.30am, left the flat shortly after 7am, and won’t be home until stupidly late, therefore, I didn’t have time to write this blog post.  And yet you’re reading it.  So how did that happen?  The truth of the matter is I’m writing it in advance.   And I’m going to test that interesting option I seem to have to publish it at a time and date of my choosing.  So let’s see.  Today it might actually get posted in time for the RSS to make it out before midnight.

So the subject matter of my blog for today is going to be a friend of mine.

I have a friend who, this very day, has picked up her life and moved it to England from the USA, to start a new life with her partner.  Who she originally met on the internet.  She will be spending this evening hurtling over the Atlantic, with all her worldly possessions.

This isn’t a story of naivety, or sleaze, or self-delusion, or anything that’s usually written about internet-originated relationships by people who, I get the feeling, often don’t consider other people as human unless they’re within earshot.  This is a true connection between two exceptionally talented, interesting and well matched people.  Who I happened to adore individually before I ever heard about them as a pair.  Having met online, they met in real life.  Having met in real life, they met up again.  And again, and again, until, eventually, they decided the only sensible thing was to stop what was essentially becoming a commute to their lives, and move in together.

Obviously, I’m very happy that they’re both going to be very happy, but also, it means I get to have lunch with my American friend more often.  Yay!  We had some good times during her last extended visit.  We had some excellent lunches, visited some excellent museums, and, more importantly, we became better friends for it.  Well, real life friends, for one.

Let’s face it, internet friends are just internet friends until you meet them in real life.  I can’t talk about my friends without separating the friends from the internet friends.  Even if I liked my internet friends better than my real friends, they’d still just be internet friends.  And be warned, internet friends, my real friends are pretty awesome, you’ve got some work to do.  With internet friends, you can never quite know, you think you know them but until you’ve met them in real life and can hear (in your head) their posts in their voice, you don’t know what they mean by them.  Or even if they mean what they say.  Not all internet friends I have met in real life become real life friends.  But some of them become the kind of friends that you don’t remember or particularly care how you first met, you’re just glad you did.

So our transatlantic traveller, she’s not a girl I know off the internet, she’s a friend.  Her partner, he’s not some fella I became aware of on some website, he’s a friend.   And to each other, they’re not an internet couple.  They’re just a couple.

My friends have transitioned from fibre optic into reality with style and grace.  I wish them all the luck in the world, and I am overjoyed that they now get to spend their whole (real) lives together.

Diabetic moment of the day

At tonight’s party the pre-set menu includes a lovely sugary dessert.  There are no other options, they didn’t think they needed any.  Tonight I get to sit and watch people eat a lovely sugary dessert all round me.

The silver lining is the last time this happened someone noted that I wasn’t shovelling sugar down myself with everyone else, and demanded that I explain myself.  It’s funny how one word can make someone look so sheepish.  I don’t mind it, really, it’s not like it’s a secret that my pancreas is spacky, but it is fun to mess with people sometimes.  Even people I like.  Sorry.



2 Responses to “Episode 7. In which we congratulate a friend on her imminent immigration.”

  1. This is the lovelist thing I have read in years.

    Thanks ducky, you are a brick.

  2. i don’t understand that last sentence, but i agree with luko.

    oh. also, i’m blogging now. you made it happen.

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