Episode 9. In which we get a new camera.

I got a new camera today.  I love it.  I really, really love it.  It’s a Sony A300 DSLR, absolutely beautiful, and I have no idea how to make use of all the bells and whistles.  But I’ll tell you what, just from messing about with it today, I’ve already got a few pictures that I think are better than anything I’ve ever done before.

The thing about cameras, or at least the camera I had before, is that it doesn’t take a picture the way it looks to me.  I know there’s a lot to be said for automatic cameras, it takes a lot of the work out of photography, you don’t have to know so much, understand so much, or do so much, but my little point and shoot runaround took it too far.  If it wanted to flash, it would flash the blood out of you.  If it was too dark, it would be grainy and rubbish.  My new DSLR, from what I’ve seen so far, knows when to flash and when not to, doesn’t overexpose (if that’s the right word in digital photography), and, if it’s dark, it will just work a little harder to see what’s there.

I went to the V&A a while ago with a friend, and I was quite astounded at some of the pictures she took.  She’s an artist anyway so she had an eye for the framing and all that stuff, I was very impressed by that but not at all surprised, she rocks and I know it.  But I remember one picture in particular, taken at the entrance to an exhibition of musical instruments, she took a picture and it blew me away.  The colours, the shadows, the lights and reflections, everything looked exactly as it did to the naked eye, which was pretty stunning anyway.  If I’d tried with my camera there would have been no colours, if I’d turned off the flash it would’ve been grainy and dull, and if I’d left it on auto the whole place would’ve been garish and washed out.

Now I could take the same picture with my new camera and the only problem with the picture would be me.  If I was able to visualise a decent picture, the camera would work with me and it would all come together.

I can’t wait to start learning how to use it properly.  Of course I’ll be reading the instruction manual, to find out what all the buttons and dials are actually for, but as far as applying the settings, I’ve got high hopes for Hot Shots, which was written by a guy I know, who kindly autographed my copy for me. If ever there comes a time when Kev (the author) is impressed with a picture I took, rest assured it’ll appear here very shortly thereafter.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today’s been alright, actually, I haven’t had any particularly diabetic moments.  I am, however, watching Stargate SG-1, which apparently has a diabetic character.  I believe that Dr Rodney McKay is also allergic to lemons and claustrophobic.

That might be nonsense, I found it on a Stargate forum, but I was stretching, you know?  Some days, nothing pancreas-related happens.


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