Episode 10. In which we discuss Christmas presents and diabetes.

The other day, when I was off work, I went out for Christmas presents, and I have to say I had a great time.  I had taken the day off work specifically to get ready for Christmas day well in advance of the crowds.    Now I have to work the up until the day before Christmas Eve, but I’m sorted for the big day.

I really enjoyed buying the presents.  As I’ve said we’re hosting Christmas this year, and we set ourselves a budget for presents (per person) and I got to go out and find things for people.  Now, a couple of people are coming for Christmas that we don’t know very well (or at all) but it wouldn’t be fair to leave them out so they’re getting presents too.  Town was no busier than most Saturdays, since it was a Friday before Christmas, I was out for about four hours and I didn’t get pissed off, which is a massive achievement for me.

This year there is one Christmas present I was very proud of.  I wasn’t sure what to get My Man but eventually I thought of something, and I thought it was perfect, I thought he’d love it.  I know he’d love it.  I know he will love it.  He told me he will love it.  Because the company I ordered it from sent me a postcard thanking me for the order.  Despite me ordering it as a gift, to be sent to the same address, in someone else’s name, and placed the order just in time for Christmas, I was sent a postcard, open to the elements and for all and sundry to read, explaining exactly what I’d ordered.  Isn’t that just genius?

I’m pretty sure it takes a special kind of idiot to do something like that.  I wasn’t even aware it was normal practice to send postcards for that kind of thing, I had had a niggling worry that an envelope might arrive with the company logo on it, but I thought I could pass it off somehow, as spam or something, if My Man saw it.  I really have no idea what they were thinking.  At all.

So now he knows what my wonderful special flash-of-inspiration present is, and I’m really glad I got him a little crappy bit of nonsense stocking-filler thing, because now that’s the only surprise he’s getting on Christmas Day.

That and the fact that I’m not doing the washing up.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I’ve been fine, but yesterday, after writing about my perfect-pancreas Saturday, I had a massive hypo in the evening.  I ate about three handfuls of Haribo and half a Wispa (which is a lot of sugar but the hypo hit so hard, and so fast after eating, that it was clear I’d taken far too much insulin and if I didn’t hit it hard right back it would just recur all night).  This morning my blood sugar was perfect, so clearly I didn’t eat too much Haribo.

My god but that was wonderful.

The story here is interesting.  A while ago a doctor looked at my test results and wondered whether I’d been misdiagnosed, because, given that I’m supposed to have Type 1 diabetes, I was taking a ridiculously small amount of insulin, and my HbA1 results were too good to be true.  So I was taken off the insulin to see whether maybe I didn’t need it, I tried a few months of control by diet (and my god, that was a boring few months), but that didn’t work either.  So I was put on tablets, which are apparently very effective on certain types of diabetes.  But they had no effect whatsoever, I might as well have been eating… I was about to say tictacs but they would actually have made it worse, so let’s just say I might as well have been eating tiny bits of bread.

So I went back on the insulin, back on the needles.  I started out on the same amount as I went on when I was first diagnosed, which, as I’ve said, was next to nothing in the grand scheme of things.

The thing is, it’s about three weeks down the line, and I’m having a massive hypo after six units of Novorapid, having taken no insulin with breakfast or lunch and then gorged myself on lasagne and garlic bread.  If you’re a carb counter, you know how stupid that sounds.  Six units of Novorapid is nothing.  Lasagne and garlic bread are carbs a-go-go.  Toast for breakfast, noodles, crackers and cheese for lunch, crisps in the afternoon, by rights my sugars should’ve been way high by the evening.  But they weren’t.

Really, it’s very confusing.  My pancreas is making insulin, just not enough.  I am sensitive to insulin, it’s almost like the injections are stimulating my insulin creation, if I take a bit of insulin then my body kicks in and does what it’s meant to, but the tablets, which are specifically designed to stimulate insulin creation, had no effect whatsoever.

It makes no sense, and it’s quite frustrating.  But the alternative would suck more.  If I was a proper diabetic, by which I mean a textbook diabetic, I would need insulin every day, several times a day, I would have to count my carbs, I would have to walk that line, and it would be getting worse and worse, because you do build up a resistance to insulin, I’m told, and although I’m going the opposite direction, in most cases you need more as you get older.  So as much as I wish I understood what was happening, I have to be thankful that whatever it is is less bad than it could be.  Than it should be, really.

So if any proper diabetics are reading this, whatever type you have, more power to you, keep up the good work.


2 Responses to “Episode 10. In which we discuss Christmas presents and diabetes.”

  1. Jerry Murray Says:

    Is type B diabetes the same as type 2 diabetes?

  2. No, Diabetes Type B is what I have, cos I am B and my medical records list my diabetes type as “unknown”. It’s kind of a play on words. I believe there are people that talk about Type A and Type B but I never heard that before this blog, I’m afraid I’m not the person to ask!

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