Episode 12. In which we Freak Right Out.

Last night I had a dream I was on fire.  I didn’t feel the pain, just the heat, and the heat itself was very, very uncomfortable.

When I woke up, it was pretty clear something was going on, I was sweating like a pig and to be honest the phrase “altered state” probably applies.  I was in the middle of a pretty hardcore hypo, and although I didn’t rush to test my blood before shovelling sugar down my throat, I wouldn’t be surprised if it was the worst I’ve ever had.  I barely made it to the kitchen to find the sugar, and the first thing I went for was the ice cream, to cool down.

I’ve never had that before, I’ve had hypos in the night but I always wake up quite early on.  Usually, I wake up and I’m lying there for a minute not quite sure why I’m awake, until I become aware of a little shake, a tremor really, and then I think, woops, time for sugar.  I have never woken up in the middle of a full-force crash, the only reason I was lying in bed for any length of time was because I wasn’t sure whether or not I really was awake, or whether it was part of the being-on-fire dream.

It’s pretty unpleasant, it doesn’t happen often, it’s happened a few times, and it’s never nice, but last night was awful.  So after Christmas I’m going to have to start my little spreadsheet again to keep track of my sugars and units and work out exactly what’s going on.  I am so bored of having to write down numbers all the time, as if drawing my blood several times a day isn’t annoying enough.  I can almost understand why stupid diabetic teenagers on TV (see Casualty, Coronation Street, Neighbours etc) handle themselves badly and go into comas cos it’s all too much for them.

Almost, I said, I don’t want to go into a coma, that’d suck.  Really not worth it.

Diabetic moment of the day

Were you not paying attention?

Maybe today’s diabetic moment (after the 1am hypo) can be the Entire Day, when my hair was absolutely rank.  Ladies, have you ever been on holiday or lived somewhere during a heatwave?  How lovely does your hair look unless you wash it almost constantly?  That’s how my hair looked today.  Oh yes.


2 Responses to “Episode 12. In which we Freak Right Out.”

  1. i sort of want to kick the ass of the person who took you off the insulin to put you back on the insulin to make your body freak out this badly.

    that just doesn’t seem fair.

    i know house would have done the same thing, but still. i’m unhappy with them.

  2. House would’ve had this worked out in 48 hours.

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