Episode 14. In which we celebrate Christmas Day.

Merry Christmas!

I’m not going to ramble today, not here at least, because I have real live people in my living room to ramble at in real life.  They’re a captive audience, held captive by food and booze, and a shared love of Henry the cat.

I spent all of yesterday cleaning (between episodes of My So-Called Life and Crooked House, and the latest editions of Love It! and National Enquirer), and now the only things clogging up my lovely Ikea coffee table are the presents waiting for their recipients to arrive and my new camera, waiting to catch their little faces as they open them.

I wish you all as lovely a day as I intend to have myself.

Incidentally, here are the search terms that people used to find Episode 13 via Google.  This gave me a hell of a chuckle.  I wish someone had left a comment so I’d know whether or not they agreed with me.

  • The ending of survivors
  • Survivors
  • Survivors rubbish ending BBC

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I am cheating like there is no tomorrow.  Specifically, I intend to eat as much of a raspberry pavlova as I physically can.  And going by recent events, it’ll only take a few extra units of Novorapid to kick the sugar back out again.


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