Episode 15. In which we have leftovers.

It’s Boxing Day!  Yay!  I hope you had a lovely Christmas Day, and I hope you had a lovely Boxing Day too, since I forgo all about this blog until now, and to be honest if we didn’t have guests I’d be thinking about bed.  But we do have guests in, and I am being very rude by writing a blog post in their presence, but it won’t be a long one, and I’m sure they understand.

I don’t really have a subject to talk about today, we had a lovely day yesterday with some friends and today more people have come round for leftovers, although it was only part leftovers, and part slow-cooked gammon, which was lovely.  And now we’re sitting around watching QI and learning about Veuve Cliquot.

Today more people came round in the afternoon and we had a proper laugh in the pub (including some random little girl pointing at our table and saying “look, they’ve got two daddies!”) and then came home in time for a nice dinner of beef, turkey, gammon, boiled potatoes and bubble and squeak.  Then tiramisu and pavlova, and now we’re trying to pick a movie.

Oh, we’re not picking a movie. 😦


Diabetic moment of the day

Since it’s Christmas I’ve got a few.

  1. We watched Con Air the other night, which has the most confusing diabetic I’ve ever seen.  One character needs his ‘shot’ of insulin, or else he is going to be dead in 2 hours.  He’s apparently had regular injections every day except they missed it last night.  As far as I can make out, this means his blood sugar’s got to be too high, but from what I know of diabetes (and although that’s not inconsiderable I’m not claiming to know everything) he’s not going to die of it in 2 hours.  Given that I just went without insulin for six months and didn’t even get any ketones, I mean.  His symptoms seem to me to match low blood sugar.  He seems to be having a hypo, but if he doesn’t get insulin (which will lower his blood sugar), he’ll die in 2 hours.  Nonsense.  However, Steve Buscemi rocks.
  2. There was something else, in the pub, but I don’t remember what it was.
  3. Yesterday I ate a pile of tiramisu and a pile of pavlova, I took a total of 8 units of Novorapid over the course of the day and my blood sugar this morning was perfect.
  4. Tonight I ate a pile of tiramisu after dinner, took 6 units, and right now I’m shaky.  Bring on the pavlova.

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