Episode 16. In which we celebrate House Day.

Today is House Day.  By this I mean that today My Man and I are sitting on the sofa dressed for comfort, watching episode after episode of House.  We both love House.  The first present he ever got me after we met was the Season 2 boxset, and it was perfect.

After two days of hosting Christmas festivities, we are studiously not being social this weekend.  And I’m telling you now, if anyone turns up at my door this weekend, I will make them my bitch.  I’ve fed enough people, I’ve refilled enough glasses and done enough washing up, if anyone turns up here in the next 48 hours they will be making me tea and sandwiches and quite possibly running me a bubble bath.  Just so you know.  I mean, you’re very welcome and all that.  As long as you’re comfortable making yourself at home, feel free to drop by.

In the meantime, we are watching House.

I know some people who don’t like House at all, they think it’s boring and formulaic and they just don’t get it.  However, it makes me laugh and I find it interesting and I learn stuff from it and also, once in a while, I’ve made a good guess at something that the team haven’t thought of yet.  I realise that this is because they (in their fictional world) are working through (fictional) reality to save real (fictional) lives.  I, on the other hand, am sitting on my sofa trying to find the randomest illness I can, and the weirder the better.

I don’t really understand a couple of things, though.  I don’t understand why Cameron is the only doctor in the ER, and she’s always got time to talk.  I don’t understand why Chase is the only surgeon in the OR, and he always does the surgeries despite knowing full well House has arranged them on false pretences.

The new team I have mixed feelings about.  I don’t really like the plastic surgeon guy, I don’t find him interesting.  The chick’s alright, but very moopy. I noticed just now she’s wearing braces, like over-the-shoulder braces to hold up her trousers.  I remember her doing this in the past and I really don’t think it’s an interesting enough feature for them to have latched onto.  “Oh, she’s the kind of girl who’d wear braces.”  No, not really, she’s the kind of girl who wears perfectly tailored trousers and why is she wasting what is blatantly an affectation like braces when she has to wear a lab coat over them all day?

I do, however, really like the guy that was, at one stage, described as “token ethnic minority”.  The guy from Harold and Kumar.  He’s great, he doesn’t say much at all and he was set up at the start as an idiot, the type who missed glaringly obvious clues and electrocuted himself.  But now he really doesn’t say much and when he does it’s all  fantastic House-esque insights.  He comes out with random crap that everyone laughs at then he goes and explains why it is a perfectly reasonable idea.  And even House is impressed.  Nobody seems to have noticed that he is TOTALLY the next generation Greg House, with less of a bad attitude, but I have, and if they get rid of him without acknowledging that fact then I may never quite forgive them.  By them I mean the people that make House, of course.

And now, I will leave you, in favour of crackers and cheese, A History Of Violence on TV and a cat on my lap.  Bonne journée.

Diabetic moment of the day

Last night I was asked what my Gladiator name would be.  I couldn’t think of one, but someone else came up with something along the lines of Insulon.  Insulatron.  The Insulinator.  Who knows.  It’d be good, though.



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