Episode 18. In which the cat is over-affectionate.

Henry the cat has been in a funny mood lately.  Last week at one point we were a bit worried because he was very withdrawn and, although he wasn’t off his food, he wasn’t being as sociable as usual.  Apart from anything else, he’d stopped jumping on me in the morning when my alarm went, and without him miaowing in my face at 6am I slept in three times and had to rush to get ready for work.

He was alright on Christmas and Boxing Day when we had people in, but still not as sociable as usual.  He was walking around a lot, and nuzzling people for a couple of seconds, but then he kept leaving the room, presumably to find somewhere quiet to sleep.

Today he’s back to normal.  He’s jumped up on my lap at least ten times already and it’s not even half past two.  Last night he was a lot more miaowy and he jumped on the bed a couple of times in the night to wake me up.  He normally knows when I’m awake and won’t leave me alone until I acknowledge him, but last night I managed to trick him and he miaowed at me once then went to bother My Man instead.  Henry usually snuggles up to me in bed because My Man has a tendency to chuck him off (he does hog the bed, takes up a lot of space for a little mammal) but last night he left me alone.

Right now he’s snuggled up by my side, still a bit jealous of the laptop on my lap, but snuggly and friendly nonetheless.  I like it when he’s like this.  As well as the fact that everyone likes a friendly pet, it means he’s happy and healthy and loves me back.


Diabetic moment of the day

None so far, so I’ll have to hit the internet for some random factoid again.

Apparently one of the Jonas Brothers is diabetic.

Apparently the Jonas Brothers are the new Hanson.


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