Episode 20. In which it’s Hogmanay.

Happy Hogmanay!  I hope this evening you’re all going to be thoroughly enjoying yourself and rocking out for the bells.

I heard something interesting this morning on the TV in the laundrette.  Apparently today will be 24 hours and 1 second long.  At 23:59:59 an extra second will be added to the day.  Something to do with keeping up with the atomic clock or something, I’m not entirely certain what the deal is, but I find it terribly exciting.  I mean, like, disproportionately exciting.

Also, does this mean we’ll be counting down from 11?

As I write this I honestly don’t know what my plans are for midnight.  I’m really not that big on Hogmanay, I mean it’s a wonderful day of course and the new year is nearly here and that’s great, but do I have to get all dressed up and go out when I’m still recovering from Christmas?

I can’t say I had a massive blow-out at Christmas, I ate far too much, of course, but the main problem is a couple of bad nights sleep caused by something in my head, nothing at all to do with excesses or booze or anything.  The most alcohol I’ve had over the festive season was last night when I had two cans of Kronenbourg with dinner (chilli con carne made with braising steak, my god it’s good).  What can I say?  I just felt overindulgent.  But as I said I had a couple of nights where I didn’t sleep well, and that’ll knock me out every time.

When I was young, I used to do New Year.  When I was very young we would have parties at the neighbours’ houses, and then when I was a bit older (from about the age of 14, I confess) I’d go to the pub.  Back home Hogmanay is a big thing, everyone’s out, the pubs shut at about quarter to twelve to let the staff come out into the square for the bells (i.e. the clock striking midnight).  Then everyone finds a place to go next, it may or may not have been planned in advance, but the square stays crammed full of people til about 1am then they start to filter away.  I’m pretty sure the last time I did that I was in my early 20s.

Actually, when I 20 it was the 1999-2000 Hogmamay and I spent that in a small town in Lancashire staying with a friend, who threw up on my shoes and then gave me the flu.

I was in Paris for New Year’s Eve 2000-2001.  I got stood up, sexually assaulted on the Metro and lost, and ended up in an English bar in the red light district hiding behind the friendly bouncers. Actually they celebrated midnight twice, being an English pub in Paris, so that was an interesting one all round.

I’m pretty sure 2001-2002 I stayed in, and almost every year since then.  We went out last year, I’d just moved to Brighton and I was interested to see how it went down here.  It was a lovely evening, like the old days back home in the pub only more laid back, and you don’t get thrown out before midnight.  I remember party poppers and leaving pretty soon after midnight.

As of now my only plan for the day is to go for a walk with a friend, in the hope of taking some pictures with my new camera.  It’s not a proper plan yet, we don’t have a time or a place, but it’s something we’ve done a couple of times before and I’m looking forward to it.  I’ll get all wrapped up extra-warm and we’ll shoot from the hip.  And I’ll think about midnight later.

Diabetic moment of the day

When my sugar levels drop I get shaky and I talk a lot.  I get quite hyperactive, in fact.  My Man has, in the past, diagnosed a hypo by text message from 500 miles away, because my texts were jibbering nonsense.  Even worse than usual.  This is my favourite story about Us.


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