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Episode 51. In which I nearly get run over, after a very productive morning.

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I went to the shop a little while ago, we’re nearly out of Diet Coke and I wanted to get more.  When I got to the crossing point I pushed the little button and waited for the green man.  The light turned red and the cars stopped, but just as I was stepping off the pavement a cyclist flew through the lights anyway.  I looked right at him, made eye contact as I do when I nearly get run over.  He saw me, looked right at me, kept his head held high and mouthed something at me.  I was all set to stand in the road shouting obscenities after him, til my brain processed what it had lipread – “oops, sorry“.

So, Mr Cyclist, if ever you read this (which, let’s face it, he won’t), don’t worry about it.  I’ve walked out into traffic plenty of times, everyone makes mistakes.  And there are plenty as wouldn’t bother apologising.  It’s appreciated.

I had a productive morning today, and I’m planning on continuing on that theme as soon as this is published.  We got up and did some tidying this morning, the place isn’t spotless by any means but it looks like it’s lived in by, what’s the word… weirdos.  You know, those people that always hang up their coat when they get home from work, and never leave the post on the coffee table, and make the bed every morning, all that stuff.

We went round to our new flat and collected the tenancy agreement and the keys.  We’re not officially moving in until 1st March but we’re allowed to go and bring bits and pieces round, which is very cool.   I paid extra close attention this time so I’d knoww here all the radiators and everything are.  For more efficient obsessing-over-furniture-placement.

We went round to Carphone Warehouse and I had a look at the two handsets I’m trying to choose between for my free Orange upgrade.  The guy in the shop recommended the Samsung Tocco, while I like the look of the LG Viewty.  The problem is I’m really fussy about my handsets, I love the way the Viewty looks but if I don’t like the workings I will always regret getting it – I have a Sony Ericsson that I never use because I could never get the hang of it.  The Samsung Tocco is my second choice, I don’t hate it by any means but I don’t like it to look at just quite as much as the Viewty.  However, I know Samsung, I like Samsung, and I won’t hate it just because it doesn’t make sense to me.  So Samsung Tocco it is, and bring it on.  That is my Monday lunchtime mission, and hopefully by Tuesday I will be blogging all about how wonderful it is.

After the Carphone Warehouse we went and got the papers, and food for the weekend – we’re out tonight and I’m hoping we eat out, but tomorrow is Sunday and I’m not moving.  You can’t make me.  We got ourselves a chicken to roast (mmm, and it’s even from an RSPCA inspected farm) and bacon and black pudding so brunch is sorted.  Sunday is meat day chez moi.

We came home and I went for the Diet Coke, as well as vegetables, because we have an excellent Turkish supermarket type place nearby – it’s ten times better than Co-op and Spar and from what I can make out, the same price or cheaper.

Then My Man went to the pub so I watched Grey’s Anatomy (the new series) and now he’s napping so I’m watchingS Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles.

Thank you, may I have another?

Diabetic moment of the day

None so far.  I’m cracking open a new Novorapid flexpen for dinner, does that count?


Episode 50. In which the cat is psychic.

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When he first moved in with us, the cat went through a phase of waking me up.  He hasn’t done it in a while, he has settled into a far more useful routine instead.  When my alarm clock goes off in the morning, I roll over and doze.  This is why I have two alarms set, so that I can doze for 10 minutes before the second alarm goes.  In the meantime, Henry the cat jumps up on the bed and miaows in my face, and sniffs my nose, and generally gets in the way until I get out of bed.

This morning he miaowed in my face before the alarm.  My first thought was that I’d slept through my alarm, but I don’t do that, even when I’m really really tired.  So I just told him to sshhhhh and got comfy to go back to sleep.  For some reason this happened to be lying on my back, so I was clearly getting ready to wake up anyway.  And then Henry got up, walked across me and curled up on my tummy.  He’s only done this once before that I’m aware of, and I only became aware of that the following day – when My Man got up and told me that when he’d come back from the pub I’d been asleep on my back with the cat curled up on my tummy.

Anyway, I felt him curl up on my tummy and opened my eyes, and he’s just lying there staring at my face.  Before I even had time to laugh, my first alarm went off.  So what the cat did, you see, was he realised it was 5.59am and he decided to get a jump on his usual 6am wake-up task.

It is great to wake up to a giggle.

Diabetic moment of the day

At one point today I got the shakes and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and I really, really, really wanted to just run away crying.  I can handle the phone ringing all the time.  And when I get the shakes I don’t mind continuing to work.  But when I get the shakes and suddenly it turns into the worst ten minutes of my day, that’s just altogether too much shit in one go.

Episode 49. In which I love Simon Amstell.

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Not in a sex way.  I mean, he’s great, but still.  Not that he’s bothered, I’m sure.  I’m really not his type.

Anyway, we watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks quite often (i.e. whenever there’s nothing else on but Dave are showing NMTB again) and recently they showed a few with whatsisname presenting, Mark Lamarr.  I didn’t like him.  Never did, I just never found him funny.  I mean, I’m sure he’s a real sweetheart,  but he’s not as funny as Simon Amstell.

Simon Amstell was hilarious when he prevented PopWorld, he was always so rude, there wasn’t a single episode when I wouldn’t think “I can’t believe he just said that!”  I love the idea that a load of pop stars and starlets (most of whom are now nobody anyway) probably refuse to go places where he will be.

That’s it, really, the most important thing that happened today is diabetes-related.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I became aware of a project that might actually be of use to me.  Apparently there’s some Professor at the University of Exeter doing studies on rare types of diabetes.  When I saw my doctor the other day she admitted nobody has any idea what type of diabetes I have, because my test results don’t fit anything at all.  According to the Exeter website, I can (with the co-0peration of my doctors of course) send a blood test and my clinical notes to this guy, and they will break down my blood into DNA, and let me know if they’ve ever heard of diabetes like mine.  And if they haven’t, then they’ll do a whole bunch of research on my blood and stuff, and maybe find something new, and maybe one day there will be such a thing as Diabetses in real life!

Of course, my nurse (who I have e-mailed to ask her opinion on the whole thing) might just turn round and say it’s a waste of time, in which case none of the above will happen.  But if she thinks it might be interesting, or if she thinks I might actually be unique in some way, then I’m all about it.

Episode 48. In which I get the brownie points.

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Today got crazy mad hectic, I worked my arse off, and managed to keep several people happy despite everyone being on very tight deadlines.  I am very happy with how the day went.

Then, in what may be some form of karma, Dave Gorman added me on Twitter.  Let me get this straight, I didn’t follow him first.  Dave Gorman, for no apparent reason, is now following me on Twitter.  I’m following him back, just to see whether he has anything interesting to say.  I think in a situation like Twitter people are likely to be more interesting than everyday people, because it’s like reading the best five sentences of your day.  Anyway, I am now on his Following list alongside Jonathan Ross and Brent Spiner.  I will admit that I get a bigger kick out of Brent Spiner than Wossy.  Data rocks, baby.  And I am now stalking (following, whatever) Stephen Fry.

I also went into the Orange shop in a last ditch attempt to get them to give me something better to convince me to renew my contract, and as it turns out the shop has WAY better deals than the internet.  The internet is such a liar.

All in all it’s been an interesting day.

Diabetic moment of the day

I forgot to shoot up at lunchtime, and by the time I remembered my blood sugar was fine anyway.  Weird.

Episode 47. In which I tell you my Pissed Off Playlist.

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Like many people, I have a couple of playlists on my Walkman.  Nothing particularly well thought through, and I don’t have a selection of playlists, so much as two – one for when I’m pissed off (and/or trying to get from A to B with the minimum of fuss) and the other for when I feel like grinning.

Today, I will tell you what’s on my Pissed Off Playlist.  Maybe one day I’ll tell you what I listen to when I feel like grinning.

This isn’t in any particular order – possibly alphabetic, it depends how my Walkman shows it up.  I set my Walkman to shuffle so the order really makes no difference. Also, sorry if the videos are rubbish, QI is on so I’m looking them up on youtube but not actually listening to them. That’s laziness for you.

24 – Jem

Pure Morning – Placebo

Smooth Rider – Dave Matthews Band

Friday Night – Lily Allen

New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

Double Team – Tenacious D

A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had – Skunk Anansie

The Bitter End – Placebo

Tribute – Tenacious D

Oh My God – Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen

I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

This Is How A Heart Breaks – Rob Thomas

Last Request – Paolo Nutini

The King Of New York – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – K T Tunstall

Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

Loving You – Paolo Nutini

Army Of Me – Bjork

Sharp Darts – The Streets

Don’t Drink The Water – Dave Matthews Band

Diabetic moment of the day

I had to have some Jaffa Cakes this afternoon.  They were good.

Episode 46. In which I recommend a book, and go to the hospital.

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The book I am reading right now is one I have read before.  I am very unlikely to recommend a book unless it’s something I would read (or have read) twice myself.  At least.  Unless, of course, someone asks “have you read this, should I read it?” in which case I might say “yeah, it’s OK, read it, give it a go”.

Anyway, this book falls under the unprovoked recommendation heading. It is The Knife Man, by Wendy Moore. This is a biography of John Hunter, who I, in all my ignorance, consider the father of modern medicine. I first heard of him when looking for somewhere to go in London with a visiting friend, and we found the Hunterian Museum at the Royal College of Surgeons, on Lincolns Inn Fields.

Basically, way back in the days when some surgeons managed to be considered the best of the best despite never having seen a dead human, John Hunter came along and turned it all on its head.  He was in with the graverobbing crowd so that he’d never run out of bodies to cut open.  When he started out people considered autopsies to be a terrible, awful, evil thing to do to a body, and by the time he was done people were begging him to autopsy them and keep their organs in jars.  He recommended not operating unless it was absolutely necessary, which was a new thing, and he didn’t believe that bleeding a patient would do much good, although he did pioneer placebo treatments so he did the bleeding thing anyway.

If you’re squeamish or if you don’t care about medicine or history or bodies or organs or biographies then don’t bother, but if any of the above interest you in any way, I’d recommend you read this book.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I had my annual check-up with the diabetologist.  It was quite interesting, really.  She admitted that they’ve no idea what kind of diabetes I have, I don’t seem to have any type that they’re aware of, and there’s not really any point in doing any more tests because they haven’t got so much as a clue so far.  I did offer myself up as a test subject should there be any “funny diabetes” testing programmes going on, but that’s just wishful thinking.

What it comes down to is basically this.  Whatever the hell’s going on, insulin by injection is the only treatment that has any effect whatsoever.

The upside is that I have perfect feet and perfect blood pressure, so that’s all good.

Episode 45. In which I despair of everything mobile phone related.

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As you know (if you’ve been paying attention) I have been looking into upgrading my phone.  I spent all yesterday looking into the options, and here is what I discovered.

  • I have a very limited choice of handsets to upgrade to from my existing contract
  • Only half of my options are free to upgrade to, and the other half cost between £120 and £400
  • Of the free handsets, none have wifi
  • Of the free handsets, the only ones that get remotely decent reviews anywhere at all don’t have a vibrating alert option
  • No other network is offering a contract on similar terms that matches my usage needs as well as Orange

I’m not too worried about a handset without wifi.  I’d quite like it, because if there was any chance to make use of mobile internet without paying stupid amounts for it, it’d be nice.  But I hardly ever use the internet from my phone.  It’s something I’m not in the habit of doing, and I don’t want to get into the habit just cos it’s 1% easier, so I’ll do without.

What does get me is mobile handsets without a vibrating alert option.  Surely this is bringing us back to the 90s.  I keep my phone on silent when I’m in the office and when I’m on the train, because it ringing out loud in either one of those situations is just embarassing.  If I don’t have a vibrating alert, I’ll have no way of knowing when my phone is ringing or when a text arrives, which basically makes having the damned thing turned on at all completely pointless altogether.  Between the office and the train and being asleep that would mean I was only actually contactable for the three hours a day I spent sitting on the sofa next to my landline phone, so why should I bother paying £30 a month for that?

In conclusion, mobile phone options right now are an insult, and it’s really not worth my while to waste time worrying about it.  So here’s what I’m going to do.

  • I’m sticking with the handset I’ve already got.
  • In light of this, there is no point in sticking with a contract on these terms because I’m getting nothing out of it.
  • Vodafone have a SIM-only contract offering exactly what I need out of my mobile, on a 30-day renewing contract, for a third of the price of my current 18 month contract

Basically, if mobile phone operators are going to take the piss, then I’m going to sack off the lot of them, and go with the cheapest, most flexible option.  Why should I pay extra to subsidise a handset that doesn’t meet my minimum requirements?  Screw that.

Sorry, this is the last of this subject, but that’s what’s dominated my weekend so far.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today’s diabetic moment is actually about tomorrow.  I have my check-up with the diabetologist at the hospital, the first one since my treatment was messed with, and I’m bricking it, and I’m not sure why.  I’ve done my best, my HbA1 would be ridiculous if I’d actually had it tested, which I didn’t because it’s ridiculous because I was taken off insulin for 3 months.  I’m only just back on track, back in control, and I’m still pleasantly surprised when my blood sugar readings are where they’re supposed to be.

So I’ll turn up tomorrow, with my little tub of wee, and sit fidgeting until the doctor is ready to see me (which will almost inevitably be half an hour late).  I’ll go in and have to explain my situation all over again, which is understandable, after all she probably sees half the diabetics in Brighton, why would she remember me?  I’ll have to take off my shoes and socks and let her poke my feet with plastic sticks to make sure I can still feel them, which I hate because I can’t bear people touching my feet.

I’ll also have to explain why my diabetic retinal neuropathy test is overdue, which is partly because I’m rubbish at remembering, partly because when I called to arrange an appointment last summer the woman who answered the phone was among the rudest woman I’ve ever tried to speak to, and partly because I’ve already missed a good few days work because of my damned pancreas over the last six months and I know I’m entitled to time off for doctors appointments but I don’t like taking the piss about it.

Wish me luck.