Episode 21. In which all of a sudden it’s 2009.

Happy New Year, welcome to 2009 and I hope the next 365 days (and many more thereafter) bring you closer to whatever you want out of life.

I had a quiet Hogmanay really, I went for a lovely walk with some friends then spent the afternoon in the pub, but I was home by 8.30pm with a hot water bottle and the cat to keep me comfy.  Then I had a little nap and had my alarm clock wake me up before midnight.  It was a long day.

There’s no point in writing a big blog post today, nobody is in any state to read it, and I’m not in any state to write it.  Not that I’m hung over, I had precisely one bottle of Becks at about 6.30pm, but I have to go to work tomorrow, and I’m feeling huffy about it.

Diabetic moment of the day

Yesterday a friend, whose mother is diabetic, got unusually excited about me shooting up in the pub.  That was pretty funny.



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