Episode 23. In which we try to be healthier.

dinnerLike everyone else, I have eaten far too much rubbish this past couple of weeks.  I’ve hardly moved from the sofa, and when I have moved, it was either to go to the fridge to get more rubbish to eat, or else to go to the shop to get more rubbish to put in the fridge.

I have decided that I need to try to be a little bit healthier, and today’s the day I start.  I have planned a lovely healthy dinner of pork and vegetable kebabs, and the pork (with all the fat cut off) is marinading as I write.  I’ve got peppers in various colours, and big fat red onions, and little tiny button mushrooms, and baby corn, and asparagus, and I’m really, really looking forward to dinnertime.  I’m indecisive about what to do on the side, I could do rice, or risotto, or I could skewer some tiny chunks of half-boiled potato on the kebabs themselves, but in any case it’s going to be good, and I’m not going to feel guilty about it.  And even if I eat so much I feel like a massive fat heifer, I will be massive fat heifer full of vegetables and lean pork.

We also went for quite a long walk today, to view a flat.  It was very, very beautiful but I don’t think we’ll end up living there.  The point of the story is we walked a very long way, some of it uphill, and that counts, it gives me healthy points, and so there.

I read an article the other day saying that people who choose to diet as a new year’s resolution are stupid.  Actually, I’m paraphrasing, what it actually said was this is a stupid time of year to diet, because by dieting there is a much higher chance that you’re not going to get as many vitamins and minerals and as much energy and everything as you need to be on top form, and if you’re deliberately knocking yourself off kilter at the height of flu season then you’re stupid.  Or, you know, it’s just not a good idea.  They say you should diet in summer instead.

I don’t diet, I eat what I want, although I do feel guilty sometimes about what I want to the extent that I eat something less rubbish, but sometimes I just happen to want to eat healthy things.  Granted that doesn’t happen as often as it should (i.e. constantly) but if someone told me I needed to eat healthily in summer, I wouldn’t have a problem with it.  This is mostly because, in the summer, there is a ridiculous amount of fresh fruit and veg out there, and it’s too hot for stodgy food.  In the summer I want to eat light, and that’s far more likely to involve green vegetables and white meat than sausages and beef, which is what I want to eat in winter.

I can’t claim to have any great amount of willpower, but if healthy is what I want, then it’s what I’m going to have.

That said, tomorrow night My Man’s making sausage casserole, and I’m already pretty sure that by this time tomorrow, I’m going to want sausage casserole.  Because it’s Baltic out.

Diabetic moment of the day

I actually got quite excited when we went to see this flat today, because there was a doctors surgery on the corner.  I’m a massive medical nerd.


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