Episode 25. In which by some miracle the cold season has, so far, passed me by.

I realise this is probably tempting fate, but this year I have somehow missed out on the cold season.  The press has been going mental about the massive epidemic, for once it’s all over the place that if you’re sick you should stay at home, after years and years of being told to shut up and do your job.  Everyone I know has been ill, and not in a little sniffle way, but with full-blown flu, respiratory infections, coughing their lungs up and falling asleep every fourteen minutes.

I, however, haven’t.  Before Christmas I was feeling pretty run down with the commuting and all, and felt a bit crappy once or twice, but that was just from being tired.

This is quite odd, really, because I had a cold for most of my childhood.  Not that I want to get ill, but it’s very strange that I haven’t caught anything at all this winter, it’s not like me at all.  I can only assume that my flu jab worked.

I’ve had flu jabs for the last few years mostly because now I’m diabetic I’m supposed to be all special and delicate and stuff, but it’s never stopped me catching whatever was going round.  Last year I spent a fortnight talking like Bea Arthur, which I found hilarious, but was the best part of a pretty crappy illness.

This year, I’ve socialised with sick people, I’ve lived with a sick person, worked with a sick person, and spent three hours a day on a commuter train packed with sick people, and still, somehow, I’m fine.  I had a Lemsip today at work but that was just precautionary, and also because I hate fruit tea and coffee gives me headaches and the Lemsip was sitting there tempting me.  Mmmm, blackcurrant flavour.

And now that I’ve had my say on the matter, I fully expect to wake up tomorrow feeling like crap.

Diabetic moment of the day

This afternoon, after lunch, I felt a bit shaky.  I checked my blood sugar and it was fine, but I definitely felt shaky, so I tested it again ten minutes later.  It was fine again.  I still felt shaky so I kept testing it every ten minutes, but it was stable at about 5.1, so I decided to get the hell over it.

I went upstairs to do some stuff on another floor and sure enough, as soon as I get into the middle of a task, what happens?

The shakes.

Apparently the mere act of leaving my testing kit in my desk drawer and going upstairs was enough to draw out the mini-hypo.



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