Episode 26. In which we realise how tiring it is being cold.

Today is cold.  As a friend recently said in his blog, nobody should be surprised by this, because it’s January, and January is cold.  However, my point is this.  It’s very cold.  Bloody cold.  Freezing.  Baltic.  So cold that it is noteworthy, and therefore, watch as I note it.  It’s cold.

I believe it is a direct result of the weather that I am as tired as I am now.  I know it took me an hour to get to sleep last night because I just couldn’t get warm in bed.  I can’t afford to lose an hour of sleep, I get up at 6am.  In any case, cold has always induced the same symptoms in me as tiredness.  And vice versa.  When I’m cold and/or tired my eyes get puffy and watery, I get sniffly, I yawn a lot, I find it hard to stay awake.  I realise this doesn’t quite tally with my “hour to get to sleep” story but that’s how cold I was in bed last night.  When I’m ill, I always find the best way to make myself feel better is to throw all the covers off and get as cold as I can.  Then, when I throw the duvet back on and warm up all of a sudden, it makes me feel sleepy, and sleepy is always preferable to wide awake when you have no choice about feeling ill.

This week I have found myself dozing on the train several times, which is very unusual for me.  I don’t travel well, and closing my eyes any more than is absolutely necessary in a moving vehicle of any kind makes me nauseous.  This morning I got up, got ready for work, sat down to check my e-mail before leaving home and suddenly really, really wanted a nap.  Right now it’s 9pm, I’ve been home for just over an hour, and I am sorely tempted to go to bed already.

This is a sorry state of affairs, and I apologise for the fact that it has taken me this long to get to my point.

My point is, I’m far too tired to write a blog post today.


Diabetic moment of the day

My boss keeps a big bar of Galaxy chocolate on her desk, and today I have batted away two different accusations of gluttony from passers-by with my oh-so-superior “well it’s obviously not mine, is it?” line, quickly followed by “but thanks for drawing my attention to the yummy food I can’t eat”.

I’m such a cow.


2 Responses to “Episode 26. In which we realise how tiring it is being cold.”

  1. I think you did the right thing over the chocolate, people shouldn’t make judgements about people from what they have on their desks!

  2. diabetses Says:

    Especially what other people have on their desks that happen to be quite near mine!

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