Episode 28. In which I tell you about my day.

In no particular order
  • I broke a nail
  • I got incredibly jealous of a friend (not that I begrudge her)
  • I made a pub analogy that I immediately wished was true
  • I confessed
  • I was asked “are you always this happy?” with no sarcasm intended whatsoever
  • I found my cousin’s blog, and my grandad’s obituary, online
  • I did my job.  Very well, if I say so myself
  • I remembered a tiny little childhood memory that I may well blog about tomorrow, but I might run by my mother first
  • I got the slow train, and still got home earlier than I have any night this week
  • I bought myself a 4-pack of San Miguel
  • I lost my patience
  • I finished the sudoku
  • I helped out a complete stranger
  • I did what I’ve been putting off
  • I explained the situation repeatedly
  • I did what should’ve been done, but hadn’t

Diabetic moment of the day

I got the shakes again.  After lunch.  I ate some sugar, and as my blood sugar went up, the shakes got worse.  Then, mid-afternoon, I got a hot flush – by which I mean I could feel my cheeks burning as if I was blushing as hard as I’ve ever blushed, only for no reason, and for several hours.  Maybe I spoke to soon about the flu season passing me by.

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