Episode 32. In which we plan a day out in London.

I have a friend who recently moved to England from the USA (see Episode 7).  There was a time when she was over here temporarily, as a student, and once or twice we met up and painted the town red.  Or, more accurately, spent an hour or two eating and then wandered round the city trying to entertain ourselves.

Now that she’s here permanently, we’ve decided to do it again.  So as soon as I can get an afternoon off work, we’re going to do it again.  And now, we have to make a shortlist of what to do.

Last time, I had an absolute ball, it was a brilliant day, the only downside was I thoroughly wore myself out, and I can’t really count that as a downside so much as an inevitable consequence of running round London for seven hours.

To start with we went for lunch, to Volupte just off Holborn.  It was excellent, there was nobody else there so we had the place to ourselves.   There was a bit of hilarity when the waiter forgot to bring the sugarbowl to our table with the tea.  I sneaked into the kitchen to find one and got caught by the waiter coming out.  Luckily he was an outrageous flirt so he didn’t really care.  We also took some pretty excellent photos, because we were downstairs in a burlesque club on our own, the waiter came by once or twice but he didn’t seem to mind if we made use of the props.  There was a great sofa that I can only assume is usually used for scantily-clad women to lounge on, with  a very artistic kind of meadow scene painted on the back wall so it looked like you were lounging at Versaille.

We went to the Hunterian, where photography is not allowed but should be, and we may well go there again since I have now read (on her recommendation) The Knife Man, which is all about John Hunter, and which I heartily recommend that you read if you have any interest whatsoever in how medicine got to where it is today.

We went all kinds of places, I can’t even remember where else now.  We’ve had a couple of days of this and I can’t remember when we did what.  Another time we went to the V&A, we’ve done the National Portrait Museum and I can’t even remember where else, but this time I’m hoping we make it to the Natural History Museum, because I haven’t been there since I was tiny.

Also, there’s a Darwin exhibition on.  We like to see things that are free but we both like Darwin, so I’ve suggested we buy a scratchcard before going anywhere.  If we win, we’ll spend the money to go and see the Darwin exhibition.  If we don’t, we’ll have to make do with freebies.

Unless it looks really, really good when we get there.

Anyway, any suggestions would be gratefully received, I like weird quiet little museums and exhibitions that nobody knows about and that nobody would guess was there.  If you know of anything (or even anything worth seeing at any of the big ones) then let me know, please.

Diabetic moment of the day

I’ve started keeping my little spreadsheet again.  So that when I go back to the hospital in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to point out just how messed up the whole thing is.


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