Episode 33. In which I explain myself.

Since Episode 30 got pancreato-plagiarised, I have decided to go into more detail about the choices I made for my favourite episodes of 10 TV programmes I watch. And if I think of any more while I’m doing this, I will add them to the list.

Basically it’s been a long day and I feel I owe you a blogpost (you know who you are, you addicted little gossipmonger) but I’m just waiting for my bath to run and my chinese takeaway to be ready so you’re getting some second-hand shizzle right now.

X-Files – Bad Blood (Season 5)

This is the episode with Luke Wilson in it.  Mulder and Scully each give their report on a particular X-File and it makes me laugh every time.  In Mulder’s version, Wilson is a bucktoothed redneck and Scully is a grumpy, slightly slutty cow.  In Scully’s version, Wilson is a suave adonis and Mulder’s a childish fantasist.  I love it when these things prove they can laugh at themselves.

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Doppelgangland (Season 3)

Vampire Willow is accidentally hauled from the other dimension when a spell that Witch Willow and Anya (in normal Buffy dimension) are trying goes wrong.  Cue much hilarity from people who underestimate the wrong Willow and get their arses kicked for it, and people who are petrified of the wrong Willow and nearly get a good hugging for their trouble.  This was back when Willow was into guys, therefore it has Seth Green in it, and they’re all good episodes.

Firefly – Objects In Space (Season 1, obviously)

It all takes place one night when a fairly mental bounty hunter sneaks onto Serenity to try to capture River.  Despite not having any River Tam Beats Up Everyone in it, it’s still very good.

Stargate: SG1 – Window Of Opportunity (Season 4)

Groundhog Day episode.  With Jack O’Neill.  Where’s the bad?  Where can the bad possibly be?

Friends – The One With The Rumour (Season 8 )

This is the episode with Brad Pitt in it.  Brad Pitt is exceptional when he’s playing slightly crazy people and I love how Phoebe’s always trying to rub herself up against him.

House – Insensitive_(House) (Season 3)

This episode is just gross.  I can’t actually look at the culmination, the final diagnosis, I can’t watch the screen, not even through my fingers.  But it’s brilliant.

ER – Chaos Theory (Season 9)

This is the only episode of ER that I remember enough to find out the name for, and it’s the only one I’d watch again on purpose rather than just cos it was on.  It’s full of huge events and it’s one of those episodes that make you watch the rest of the season to find out what happens in the aftermath.

The West Wing – What Kind Of Day Has It Been? (Season 1)

Drama, baby, drama all over the frickin’ place.  People get shot, you don’t know who’s hit and who’s safe, and Martin Sheen rocks as usual as Jed Bartlett.  It’s not especially exceptional as The West Wing goes, because quite frankly there are at least ten episodes of The West Wing that I’d happily sit and watch in one marathon session, but it’s my most memorable.  Well, the most memorable one that doesn’t make me cry.  Which is why I didn’t say Posse Comitatus or Election Day or The Birnam Wood.

The Unit – Pandemonium (Parts 1 & 2) (Season 3)

I just saw this quite recently, but it’s very good. You don’t know what’s happening, and who you can trust, and because it’s the first two episodes of a new series you’ve kind of forgotten that these guys ALWAYS know what they’re doing, and that fat wanker will NEVER break Mac.

NCIS – Marine Down (Season 1)

This is another gross one.  You’d have to be a really sick bastard to start embalming someone before they were dead, that’s all I’m saying.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I had a hypo in the afternoon which was brought on not by too much insulin, but rather by too much hard work.  Manual labour used up the sugar in my system and I had to eat my last emergency jelly baby to sort myself out til dinnertime.


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  1. Play 16

  2. diabetses Says:

    That one made me cry, so it’s not on the list. I might make another list of episodes of TV programmes that make me cry.

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