Episode 37. In which I ramble. Part 1.

I’m very tired.  I know I’ve gone on about this before, but I can’t quite believe how tired I am right now.  Therefore I am going to try to write a proper blog post, but I don’t have a subject in mind, so it’s likely to be a bit stream of consciousness.  And Part 1 because let’s face it, that’s my general style of writing, and this won’t be the last time.

My feet hurt.  I work in an office, at a desk, I haven’t done an unusual amount of walking recently, but my feet feel bruised and sore and basically rubbish.  Also, yesterday I was so tired that for the first time in my life I wondered whether my natural state is feeling a bit sick, and whether I’m just so tired now that I’m incapable of holding it back any more.  I mean, I don’t feel ill, as such, it’s not like I’m coming down with anything, I just felt sick, and I’m just so tired I don’t know what to do with myself.

So when I got home, what did I do with myself?

I cleaned the kitchen.  Top to bottom.  Even the hob, I put the toaster in the hall to clean under where it sits, everything.  Crazy.  I should’ve come home, sat down and dozed off.  But I’m incredibly stupid.

While I was cleaning the kitchen I was listening to Gold FM, because that’s what we listen to in the kitchen.  I like to sing sometimes and although if My Man hears me I’ll be accused of making his ears bleed, I enjoy the classics, hence Gold.  Anyway they played this song called, I believe, Music, which I’d heard somewhere before, I think it’s supposed to be somewhat of a classic.  And these are the thoughts that went through my head as it played.

1. Wow, this is so 80s.

2. God, is he trying to emulate every kind of music that was ever written in the hope that he finds something I don’t hate?

3. Minor key?  Really?  That’s just inappropriately sinister.  He’s singing “Music is my first love and it will be my last” and I’m hearing “Music is my first love, and it’s the last thing you’re going to hear before I inject antifreeze into your veins and take you to my secluded cabin and make you into a lamp and a sugarbowl”

4. Hang on, isn’t this the theme tune from Prisoner Cell Block H?

Diabetic moment of the day

It’s just gone 1pm and I haven’t had breakfast yet.  This has got me thinking about diabetes treatments in the not-so distant past, which would’ve required that I eat a certain amount at a certain time, every day, regardless of my appetite, plans or sleep patterns.  That would’ve driven me mental.  Thank god for Novorapid, I say.


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