Episode 38. In which I talk about Fate.

Yesterday, we were cleaning the flat, doing a proper clear-out clean, the type that ends up with four binbags full of crap that you didn’t know you had to spare taking up all the bin space outside.  At one point My Man said to me “We’ve got Fight Club already, haven’t we?”.  He’d found a Fight Club DVD that he got in some pub promotion offer, in a funny little round case, and was about to chuck it out, because I do own the Fight Club DVD.

The funny thing, and where Fate comes in, is this.

I recently discovered that my Fight Club DVD was stolen by some bloody student I lent it to some time ago, who returned the box without the disc in it.  I discovered this when we considered watching it a couple of months ago (for the first time in years) and I was gutted.  But didn’t throw the box out, because I just didn’t.  And now, we find a spare Fight Club DVD without a box.  So we’re back at the beginning, with a Fight Club DVD box with a Fight Club DVD in it.  It’s a very complicated way to have found our way back to the natural state of things, but here we are.

Fate, that’s what it is.

I’m not big on fate in the destiny sense, I can’t bring myself to believe that everything’s written out already and we have no choice in the way our lives go, or even that we each have an individual destiny that we will end up at, regardless of how we find outselves there.  My kind of Fate is this.  The above.  Little things that go wrong, or just aren’t quite right, and the equally little things that trip along to set things back to where they should be.  Not necessarily on the right path as such, but to a fairer state of being.

I’m not saying that’s a sign that we’re meant to be together (that’s the lamest thing on which to base a relationship I’ve ever heard) but it’s a quirky little coincidence and I like it.

Diabetic moment of the day

I don’t have time for diabetes today, I’m busy.


2 Responses to “Episode 38. In which I talk about Fate.”

  1. mungolina Says:

    I am firm believer in not tempting fate… saying that things will definitely happen or not happen is a big no-no. It’s always listening.

  2. Yes, absolutely, if I ever predict anything like that and it goes my way I consider myself very very lucky and try very hard to remember not to do it again. I have no doubt that if I’d kept the DVD box saying that we would find a spare disc sooner or later, the spare one we had would’ve been thrown out without being seen. Nice little coincidences, that’ll do me. 🙂

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