Episode 39. In which there is no carrot in the mince and tatties.

The above is neither a euphemism nor an allegory.  It is true, and literal, and in some ways, it is an easy way to break it to My Man that I forgot to get a carrot for one of his favourite dinners.  Mince and tatties, as he likes it, has a carrot sliced up and mixed in among the mince, but tonight, there was no carrot in the mince and tatties.

In the style of every Simpsons episode I’ve ever seen, I am now going to take this one random tengent and get to my point.

My point is that I am rubbish at shopping.  I went into Somerfield on my way home from work tonight, to buy the following items;

  • bread
  • carrot

What I came out with was the following items;

  • bread
  • ham
  • Pringles
  • chilli burgers
  • peppers in various colours
  • toilet duck

I do this quite a lot, I’m rubbish with lists so what I tend to do is just go round the entire shop and look at each individual item (if not straight on then, you know, at least out of the corner of my eye) and then if I need it I’ll be reminded and I can pick it up.  I don’t know where they hide the carrots, because I certainly didn’t see any tonight, I only remembered I needed one when I was halfway home from the shop.

Granted, some of the above I bought because it was in the sale (toilet duck and pringles) or because I’ve wanted to grab some for a while and have been kept waiting til they got more in stock (chilli burgers), but that doesn’t explain what I didn’t come away with.

In general, what I need is something that would be LIKE a shopping list without actually BEING a shopping list.  Because I’m rubbish with actual shopping lists.  Maybe I should write things on my hand.  Although I know from past experience if I do that I will lean on my inky hand and get a shopping list on my face.

Ah-hah, then all I need is a compact mirror.


Diabetic moment of the day

I had to eat jelly babies right before getting on my train home tonight.  I did not like that, I don’t like eating within 3 hours of getting on the train.  Stupid jelly babies.


2 Responses to “Episode 39. In which there is no carrot in the mince and tatties.”

  1. Write on the other side of your hand. Duh.

  2. Makes no difference, I’m capable of getting it on my face no matter whether it’s on the back of my hand, front of my hand, side of my wrist, pretty much if I write it anywhere beyond my shoulder it’ll get on my face. I’m a fidgety sleeper.

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