Episode 40. In which there is a surprise eviction.

Apparently there has been a surprise eviction, and Michelle Heaton has been evicted from the Celebrity Big Brother house.  This came as a massive surprise to me.  Not least because I was surprised to learn that Celebrity Big Brother was still going.

I have access to the tabloids at work, and recently there was a huge headline about how Coolio should be removed because of the Rape Scandal he was involved in.  I read further (being fairly militantly anti-rape) and learned that the Coolio Rape Scandal was the fact that Coolio had used the word Rape.  In the sentence “I never raped a girl”.  Granted, he’s said to have gone on “I never had to” but given the look of him, I think that was more bark than bite.

I continue to be amazed by Celebrity Big Brother – every single time it is drawn to my attention whether I like it or not (and, if you’re asking, the answer’s invariably not)  it is being ridiculous and inappropriate.  When George Galloway was in the Big Brother house, I happened to be living in London, and he was my MP.  He is also from Dundee, where I was born, and there was a good while when I hated the sound of my own voice because it sounded so similar to his.

I don’t watch it, the last time I watched it it made me hate my own voice so I try really hard not to see it now, and all I know about it, I learned from the news.  They don’t seem to be able to go two weeks without causing scandals, and uproars, and threatening each other and trying to shag each other and basically being predictable and tedious and nowhere near as exciting as the papers try to make them out to be.

In conclusion, Celebrity Big Brother’s shite.

Diabetic moment of the day

My pancreas has been very well behaved tomorrow.  Watch this space for tomorrow, when I intend to eat far too many carbs and shoot up a bunch.


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