Episode 45. In which I despair of everything mobile phone related.

As you know (if you’ve been paying attention) I have been looking into upgrading my phone.  I spent all yesterday looking into the options, and here is what I discovered.

  • I have a very limited choice of handsets to upgrade to from my existing contract
  • Only half of my options are free to upgrade to, and the other half cost between £120 and £400
  • Of the free handsets, none have wifi
  • Of the free handsets, the only ones that get remotely decent reviews anywhere at all don’t have a vibrating alert option
  • No other network is offering a contract on similar terms that matches my usage needs as well as Orange

I’m not too worried about a handset without wifi.  I’d quite like it, because if there was any chance to make use of mobile internet without paying stupid amounts for it, it’d be nice.  But I hardly ever use the internet from my phone.  It’s something I’m not in the habit of doing, and I don’t want to get into the habit just cos it’s 1% easier, so I’ll do without.

What does get me is mobile handsets without a vibrating alert option.  Surely this is bringing us back to the 90s.  I keep my phone on silent when I’m in the office and when I’m on the train, because it ringing out loud in either one of those situations is just embarassing.  If I don’t have a vibrating alert, I’ll have no way of knowing when my phone is ringing or when a text arrives, which basically makes having the damned thing turned on at all completely pointless altogether.  Between the office and the train and being asleep that would mean I was only actually contactable for the three hours a day I spent sitting on the sofa next to my landline phone, so why should I bother paying £30 a month for that?

In conclusion, mobile phone options right now are an insult, and it’s really not worth my while to waste time worrying about it.  So here’s what I’m going to do.

  • I’m sticking with the handset I’ve already got.
  • In light of this, there is no point in sticking with a contract on these terms because I’m getting nothing out of it.
  • Vodafone have a SIM-only contract offering exactly what I need out of my mobile, on a 30-day renewing contract, for a third of the price of my current 18 month contract

Basically, if mobile phone operators are going to take the piss, then I’m going to sack off the lot of them, and go with the cheapest, most flexible option.  Why should I pay extra to subsidise a handset that doesn’t meet my minimum requirements?  Screw that.

Sorry, this is the last of this subject, but that’s what’s dominated my weekend so far.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today’s diabetic moment is actually about tomorrow.  I have my check-up with the diabetologist at the hospital, the first one since my treatment was messed with, and I’m bricking it, and I’m not sure why.  I’ve done my best, my HbA1 would be ridiculous if I’d actually had it tested, which I didn’t because it’s ridiculous because I was taken off insulin for 3 months.  I’m only just back on track, back in control, and I’m still pleasantly surprised when my blood sugar readings are where they’re supposed to be.

So I’ll turn up tomorrow, with my little tub of wee, and sit fidgeting until the doctor is ready to see me (which will almost inevitably be half an hour late).  I’ll go in and have to explain my situation all over again, which is understandable, after all she probably sees half the diabetics in Brighton, why would she remember me?  I’ll have to take off my shoes and socks and let her poke my feet with plastic sticks to make sure I can still feel them, which I hate because I can’t bear people touching my feet.

I’ll also have to explain why my diabetic retinal neuropathy test is overdue, which is partly because I’m rubbish at remembering, partly because when I called to arrange an appointment last summer the woman who answered the phone was among the rudest woman I’ve ever tried to speak to, and partly because I’ve already missed a good few days work because of my damned pancreas over the last six months and I know I’m entitled to time off for doctors appointments but I don’t like taking the piss about it.

Wish me luck.


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