Episode 47. In which I tell you my Pissed Off Playlist.

Like many people, I have a couple of playlists on my Walkman.  Nothing particularly well thought through, and I don’t have a selection of playlists, so much as two – one for when I’m pissed off (and/or trying to get from A to B with the minimum of fuss) and the other for when I feel like grinning.

Today, I will tell you what’s on my Pissed Off Playlist.  Maybe one day I’ll tell you what I listen to when I feel like grinning.

This isn’t in any particular order – possibly alphabetic, it depends how my Walkman shows it up.  I set my Walkman to shuffle so the order really makes no difference. Also, sorry if the videos are rubbish, QI is on so I’m looking them up on youtube but not actually listening to them. That’s laziness for you.

24 – Jem

Pure Morning – Placebo

Smooth Rider – Dave Matthews Band

Friday Night – Lily Allen

New Shoes – Paolo Nutini

Double Team – Tenacious D

A Little Less Conversation – Elvis Presley

One Week – Barenaked Ladies

And This Is Nothing That I Thought I Had – Skunk Anansie

The Bitter End – Placebo

Tribute – Tenacious D

Oh My God – Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen

I Predict A Riot – Kaiser Chiefs

Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

This Is How A Heart Breaks – Rob Thomas

Last Request – Paolo Nutini

The King Of New York – Fun Lovin’ Criminals

Black Horse And The Cherry Tree – K T Tunstall

Brianstorm – Arctic Monkeys

Loving You – Paolo Nutini

Army Of Me – Bjork

Sharp Darts – The Streets

Don’t Drink The Water – Dave Matthews Band

Diabetic moment of the day

I had to have some Jaffa Cakes this afternoon.  They were good.


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