Episode 48. In which I get the brownie points.

Today got crazy mad hectic, I worked my arse off, and managed to keep several people happy despite everyone being on very tight deadlines.  I am very happy with how the day went.

Then, in what may be some form of karma, Dave Gorman added me on Twitter.  Let me get this straight, I didn’t follow him first.  Dave Gorman, for no apparent reason, is now following me on Twitter.  I’m following him back, just to see whether he has anything interesting to say.  I think in a situation like Twitter people are likely to be more interesting than everyday people, because it’s like reading the best five sentences of your day.  Anyway, I am now on his Following list alongside Jonathan Ross and Brent Spiner.  I will admit that I get a bigger kick out of Brent Spiner than Wossy.  Data rocks, baby.  And I am now stalking (following, whatever) Stephen Fry.

I also went into the Orange shop in a last ditch attempt to get them to give me something better to convince me to renew my contract, and as it turns out the shop has WAY better deals than the internet.  The internet is such a liar.

All in all it’s been an interesting day.

Diabetic moment of the day

I forgot to shoot up at lunchtime, and by the time I remembered my blood sugar was fine anyway.  Weird.


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