Episode 49. In which I love Simon Amstell.

Not in a sex way.  I mean, he’s great, but still.  Not that he’s bothered, I’m sure.  I’m really not his type.

Anyway, we watch Never Mind The Buzzcocks quite often (i.e. whenever there’s nothing else on but Dave are showing NMTB again) and recently they showed a few with whatsisname presenting, Mark Lamarr.  I didn’t like him.  Never did, I just never found him funny.  I mean, I’m sure he’s a real sweetheart,  but he’s not as funny as Simon Amstell.

Simon Amstell was hilarious when he prevented PopWorld, he was always so rude, there wasn’t a single episode when I wouldn’t think “I can’t believe he just said that!”  I love the idea that a load of pop stars and starlets (most of whom are now nobody anyway) probably refuse to go places where he will be.

That’s it, really, the most important thing that happened today is diabetes-related.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I became aware of a project that might actually be of use to me.  Apparently there’s some Professor at the University of Exeter doing studies on rare types of diabetes.  When I saw my doctor the other day she admitted nobody has any idea what type of diabetes I have, because my test results don’t fit anything at all.  According to the Exeter website, I can (with the co-0peration of my doctors of course) send a blood test and my clinical notes to this guy, and they will break down my blood into DNA, and let me know if they’ve ever heard of diabetes like mine.  And if they haven’t, then they’ll do a whole bunch of research on my blood and stuff, and maybe find something new, and maybe one day there will be such a thing as Diabetses in real life!

Of course, my nurse (who I have e-mailed to ask her opinion on the whole thing) might just turn round and say it’s a waste of time, in which case none of the above will happen.  But if she thinks it might be interesting, or if she thinks I might actually be unique in some way, then I’m all about it.


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