Episode 50. In which the cat is psychic.

When he first moved in with us, the cat went through a phase of waking me up.  He hasn’t done it in a while, he has settled into a far more useful routine instead.  When my alarm clock goes off in the morning, I roll over and doze.  This is why I have two alarms set, so that I can doze for 10 minutes before the second alarm goes.  In the meantime, Henry the cat jumps up on the bed and miaows in my face, and sniffs my nose, and generally gets in the way until I get out of bed.

This morning he miaowed in my face before the alarm.  My first thought was that I’d slept through my alarm, but I don’t do that, even when I’m really really tired.  So I just told him to sshhhhh and got comfy to go back to sleep.  For some reason this happened to be lying on my back, so I was clearly getting ready to wake up anyway.  And then Henry got up, walked across me and curled up on my tummy.  He’s only done this once before that I’m aware of, and I only became aware of that the following day – when My Man got up and told me that when he’d come back from the pub I’d been asleep on my back with the cat curled up on my tummy.

Anyway, I felt him curl up on my tummy and opened my eyes, and he’s just lying there staring at my face.  Before I even had time to laugh, my first alarm went off.  So what the cat did, you see, was he realised it was 5.59am and he decided to get a jump on his usual 6am wake-up task.

It is great to wake up to a giggle.

Diabetic moment of the day

At one point today I got the shakes and my phone wouldn’t stop ringing and I really, really, really wanted to just run away crying.  I can handle the phone ringing all the time.  And when I get the shakes I don’t mind continuing to work.  But when I get the shakes and suddenly it turns into the worst ten minutes of my day, that’s just altogether too much shit in one go.


2 Responses to “Episode 50. In which the cat is psychic.”

  1. I had a cat that did the exact same thing to me. There is something warm about it.

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