Episode 51. In which I nearly get run over, after a very productive morning.

I went to the shop a little while ago, we’re nearly out of Diet Coke and I wanted to get more.  When I got to the crossing point I pushed the little button and waited for the green man.  The light turned red and the cars stopped, but just as I was stepping off the pavement a cyclist flew through the lights anyway.  I looked right at him, made eye contact as I do when I nearly get run over.  He saw me, looked right at me, kept his head held high and mouthed something at me.  I was all set to stand in the road shouting obscenities after him, til my brain processed what it had lipread – “oops, sorry“.

So, Mr Cyclist, if ever you read this (which, let’s face it, he won’t), don’t worry about it.  I’ve walked out into traffic plenty of times, everyone makes mistakes.  And there are plenty as wouldn’t bother apologising.  It’s appreciated.

I had a productive morning today, and I’m planning on continuing on that theme as soon as this is published.  We got up and did some tidying this morning, the place isn’t spotless by any means but it looks like it’s lived in by, what’s the word… weirdos.  You know, those people that always hang up their coat when they get home from work, and never leave the post on the coffee table, and make the bed every morning, all that stuff.

We went round to our new flat and collected the tenancy agreement and the keys.  We’re not officially moving in until 1st March but we’re allowed to go and bring bits and pieces round, which is very cool.   I paid extra close attention this time so I’d knoww here all the radiators and everything are.  For more efficient obsessing-over-furniture-placement.

We went round to Carphone Warehouse and I had a look at the two handsets I’m trying to choose between for my free Orange upgrade.  The guy in the shop recommended the Samsung Tocco, while I like the look of the LG Viewty.  The problem is I’m really fussy about my handsets, I love the way the Viewty looks but if I don’t like the workings I will always regret getting it – I have a Sony Ericsson that I never use because I could never get the hang of it.  The Samsung Tocco is my second choice, I don’t hate it by any means but I don’t like it to look at just quite as much as the Viewty.  However, I know Samsung, I like Samsung, and I won’t hate it just because it doesn’t make sense to me.  So Samsung Tocco it is, and bring it on.  That is my Monday lunchtime mission, and hopefully by Tuesday I will be blogging all about how wonderful it is.

After the Carphone Warehouse we went and got the papers, and food for the weekend – we’re out tonight and I’m hoping we eat out, but tomorrow is Sunday and I’m not moving.  You can’t make me.  We got ourselves a chicken to roast (mmm, and it’s even from an RSPCA inspected farm) and bacon and black pudding so brunch is sorted.  Sunday is meat day chez moi.

We came home and I went for the Diet Coke, as well as vegetables, because we have an excellent Turkish supermarket type place nearby – it’s ten times better than Co-op and Spar and from what I can make out, the same price or cheaper.

Then My Man went to the pub so I watched Grey’s Anatomy (the new series) and now he’s napping so I’m watchingS Supernatural.

Jensen Ackles.

Thank you, may I have another?

Diabetic moment of the day

None so far.  I’m cracking open a new Novorapid flexpen for dinner, does that count?


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