Episode 54. In which I finally get my new handset, and have a great dinner.

I finally got my new handset!

Yesterday (Monday) I went to the Orange shop but they didn’t have the handset I wanted in stock.  This lunchtime I went to the Orange shop nearest to my office, but they were all locked up with the lights off.  I was pretty fed up and went up Fleet Street to the next nearest branch, and if they were shut too I had every intention of crossing the road to Vodafone, as I’ve mentioned before.

However, not only was the Fleet Street Orange shop open, but the manager (I assume, he was very authoritative) had the handset I wanted himself, and let me play with it.  Well, he let the sales guy play with it and while I watched.  So I went for it, and got it, and now I have a very beautiful silver black Samsung Tocco.

The trains were running this morning but absolutely crammed full of people, because they were running every half hour instead of every ten minutes or so.  One of the best things about living in Brighton is getting on the train at the first stop, and being practically guaranteed a seat on the train.  I made myself a flask of hot tea to bring for the journey, just in case we were delayed.  As it turns out we were delayed, but I didn’t need my flask of tea – and it’s just as well, because I left it on the coffee table at home.

Anyway, I survived the day, and when I got home My Man cooked my dinner – it was a lovely quick one, which was perfect because sometimes taking an hour and a half to cook dinner leaves you barely enough time to eat it before falling asleep and it jsut removes any illusion of free time.  He fried up some chorizo-style sausage that he got at the Open Market and fried it up in chilli tomato sauce with chopped up peppers, and then served it all up with gnocchi.  It was lovely, and spicy and tasty, and I ate it an hour and a half ago yet here I am, still awake.

However, not for long.  I know I’m a good touch-typist because I typed the last three sentences whilst yawning so hard my eyes were shut.

Diabetic moment of the day

I had to get up and eat some Haribo at about 1.30am.


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