Episode 60. In which I fail.

Last night, our Virgin Media service died.  There was no warning, it happened while I was in the kitchen making macaroni cheese.  I usually write this blog while I’m eating and/or after I’ve eaten, so that meant that last night, it didn’t get written.  I was really going for a post a day and I’m a bit disappointed that I missed one, but I’m hoping that this extra, explanatory post will make up for it.  Or at least excuse me somewhat.  I suppose I could’ve written a proper subject-driven post in Word, and pasted it up here, but that wouldn’t have explained my failure or made it alright, and also, I’m running low on subject matter.  So just sorry.

Also, Virgin Media, sort yourselves out.  Not only did we have no internet, but we couldn’t even access our V+ box.  What’s the point of saving stuff off telly to watch later, if you can only watch it when the stupid number of channels you pay for are working and therefore tempting you away?

I could’ve been watching Supernatural.  Instead I went to bed at 10pm.

Diabetic moment of the day

Yesterday’s diabetic moment was the culmination of events.  I had three pieces of toast for breakfast and forgot to take my insulin (busy busy), then had a cheese sandwich and a packet of crisps for lunch, and took 4 units of insulin (by rights I should’ve had 4 with breakfast and another 4 with lunch).  Instead, come 3.30pm my blood sugar hit 3.2 and I had to eat my emergency jelly babies.

Diabetes is all about walking a very fine line, but the reason people live with it is because it is predictable.  You eat this, you inject that, your blood sugar goes here, unless you’re ill enough to mess with your sugars, or reacting wrongly to the insulin.  I’m all unpredictable and stupid, and it’s very frustrating.  Because while high blood sugar will lose me my feet in twenty years time, low blood sugar will send me into a coma here and now.  Damnit.

One of these days I am going to write a post about diabetes, nothing but diabetes.  It will be very boring if you already know about diabetes, but it will include all the tests I’ve had and their results, and what those results mean, and it will hopefully give you a rough idea of just how messed up my pancreas is.  Or isn’t.  Whatever.

Watch this space.  Or else, when you see “Episode XX.  In which I explain diabetes,” just move on.  Nothing to see here.


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