Episode 61. In which I get trolled.

Earlier this evening, I put a photograph online, a comedy shot taken by My Man, of me with a saucepan on my head.  It was my idea, and it was with a specific goal in mind.  There is a certain style of photography that is easily recognisable as being in the style of a particular photographer – for this reason, whenever the opportunity arises to take a picture that mocks this style, we do it.

Within minutes of me uploading this picture, I had a comment, nothing scandalous but not very nice, from a complete stranger.  A little peek around the place discovered that this stranger was very, very new to the community, had no contacts, only a few pictures, all uploaded today.  This, my friends, is what I call a troll.

I say it’s what I call a troll because some people have a higher standard, there are actual ways to define what a troll is and I’m not that fussy.  In my opinion, this person was a troll.

For a complete stranger to come to my photostream and just get pure bitchy was unnecessary to say the least, but it’s not easy to believe it was random coincidence.  Whoever that troll was, it’s not some new community member that just decided to find some people to be horrible to.  There is every chance that it was someone who likes being horrible to strangers, who set up an account purely for that reason.  They were a bit quick off the bat for it to be anything else.

In my opinion, trolls are cretins, cowards, pathetic excuses for people, who abuse the internet to create opportunities for harassment.  If you’ve got a point to make, make it.  If you’re just trying to make me cry, then try again, because coming from such an obviously fake account, I’m not upset by you, I don’t even pity you, I just look forward to the opportunity to laugh at you.

The worst thing is the thought that it could be someone you know.  A troll could just be some random stranger clicking on random pictures to make random comments.  Alternatively, it could be someone you know, hiding behind a fake internet persona.  And that’s even worse.  I have to assume that my troll is a stranger.  Simply because the thought that anyone I consider a friend is so utterly, depressingly lame as to attack me from behind a non-existent teenager is too much.

So, random troll, if you’re actually a random internet stalker, read this and take note.  If you don’t grow up, you’re going to remain a sorry excuse for a human being.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I bought a raspberry cheesecake.  So I could have a little treat after dinner, which was sausages, chips, beans, caramelised red onions and gravy.  But the problem is, I ate too much dinner, and I’ve got no room for cheesecake.  **MASSIVE SADFACE**


2 Responses to “Episode 61. In which I get trolled.”

  1. 😦 Save it for tomorrow! Breakfast cheesecake!!!!!

  2. I am seriously considering bringing some to work in tupperware.

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