Episode 62. In which we discuss the new coin design.

We recently started finding, among our usual change, coins of the new design.  We’re aware that this is somehow supposed to come together to form one big design, when all the coins are assembled in the right order, so we set them aside until we had the full collection.

This morning I noticed the little pile of coins was gone from in front of the TV, so I asked My Man about it.

Me: Where are the coins?  I thought we were going to collect the full set.

Him: Oh yeah, we did.  I’ve put them in the penny jars.

Me: What did it look like?

Him: Meh.

We discussed this a little further and agreed that we had been hoping for the full set to constitute something greater than the sum of its parts.

Me: Like that massive Transformer that happened when all the normal-sized Transformers got together?

Him: Exactly like that massive Transformer.

So here’s my opinion.

If you’re going to redesign coins, especially in such a way that they just look stupid, and no matter how much cash you have you feel you’re missing out until you have the full set, at least make the full set worth having.  Ideally, all the new coins should fit together to form one huge coin.  The Transformer Coin, I shall call it.

So what would this Transformer Coin be worth?  Certainly not the sum of its parts, because what would be the point?  That’s too easy.  And also, it wouldn’t be any better than just having a pile of change.  This new coin is special.  Imagine you put it in a vending machine.  What could you buy?

The answer is, everything.  All of it.  You put the Transformer Coin into a vending machine, and the vending machine pays out like a one-armed bandit.

Of course, you have to use the Transformer Coin wisely.  There’s no point cleaning out a vending machine when you’re all on your own, you’ve only got one little bag and you’re not really that hungry.  There’s no point sticking it in a parking meter and suddenly owning the freehold on a parking space, if it’s a hundred yards downhill from your flat and there’s a lamp post blocking the passenger side door.  There’s no point putting it on your Oystercard, because if ever there was a way to get through an infinite amount of money, it’s on travelling round London.

In conclusion, the new coin design is rubbish.

Diabetic moment of the day

Not even close.  I missed lunch, but my pancreas didn’t mind, so I don’t have a diabetic moment today.


3 Responses to “Episode 62. In which we discuss the new coin design.”

  1. this post produces in me a great amount of love. for you.

  2. aww, thank you. I bet you got the dig about the Oystercard, right?

  3. yes i did.

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