Episode 66. In which I do book-related manual labour.

We’re moving house, properly in about a week but since we’re not moving too far we’re moving little bits and bobs in preparation, so there’s less of a fuss on the Actual Moving Day.

Yesterday and today I was moving books.  My man’s been working all weekend, I don’t mean to make him sound like a taskmaster, he’d have been helping if he was able.  Anyway, we have a lot of books, an awful lot of books, and we have discovered in the past (from trying to donate books to charity shops) that the easiest way to transport them is in those suitcases with the wheels on the bottom.  We have two of these so I have been filling them up with books and bringing them round to the new flat, emptying them out in the living room (in a huge book-pile in the corner beside the fireplace) and bringing the suitcases home again to be refilled.

It’s not been that bad really, we use the same technique to get our laundry to the laundrette to use the tumble driers (we have our own washing machine) and weirdly the suitcases full of books aren’t actually that much heavier than suitcases full of wet clothes.  One thing I have noticed is that I have rubbish knees.  On the first visit I tried to carry the suitcases down the steps to the flat (one at a time of course) but as I reached the bottom I suddenly felt like someone was shoving tentpegs through my kneecaps, front to back.  I know I have rubbish knees cos they get stiff and always crack when I straighten them after sitting down for any length of time.  But I didn’t realise carrying things downstairs was that bad for them.  So thereafter I was walking downstairs backwards and pulling them down one at a time in front of me.

There is now a huge pile of books in the new flat, which won’t get sorted out until we’re in properly – the ‘library’ will be in the hallway and we’re not blocking the hallway with bookcases until the fridge-freezer and washing machine have are in the kitchen, that would be stupid.

I’m quite looking forward to it, really, apart from the new flat thing (and it is a beautiful new flat) I get to reorganise the bookcases.  I don’t know what order things went up in last time, this time I’m going to think it through and have different shelves for different genres, all books by the same author in a row, everything in a series sitting in a row.  It’s going to be really sad and obsessive and utterly brilliant.

Have I mentioned I’m a librarian?

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I had a champagne truffle.  It was alright.  I don’t understand women that can eat a big pile of chocolate all in one sitting.


2 Responses to “Episode 66. In which I do book-related manual labour.”

  1. I would think as a librarian you’d be dying to line ’em up using the Dewey Decimal system …

  2. Dewey Decimal is for civilians. Give me Moyes or give me death.

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