Episode 67. In which I fail. Again.

I didn’t post yesterday.  Because I am a massive failure and an appalling human being.  But yesterday was a big day.  I worked late, didn’t get home until half nine, and went to bed at ten.  I apologise profusely for my rubbishness, but there’s not much I can do about it now.

In the next thrilling episode – today I have an appointment for diabetic retinal neuropathy screening, and then I’m off to Ikea to do some shopping for the new flat.  Hopefully I will have more to say later.

Right now, as I get ready to go to the hospital, I’m watching the final part of Whitechapel, the today-meets-yesteryear murder mystery drama in which someone is recreating the murders of Jack the Ripper.  I have a friend who is fascinated by Jack the Ripper (not in a creepy “I wish I was a murderer” way, just in a “I’m very clever and like mysteries and stuff” way) and we watched episode 2 in tandem.  I was struck by one bloke that was only in it for a minute and I’m convinced he’s the killer, and my friend has sworn to be a gibbering mess and have me burnt as a witch if i’m right.

This fella has appeared once so far in today’s episode and I’m still convinced it’s him.  And now I think he might be a descendant from some guy he thinks was the Ripper.  Could be right, could be wrong, but there we go.

Now, I have just realised that Whitechapel was shown on Mondays so this is almost like I did write the post last night.  Only delayed.  Thank god for V+.  I will stop here, and insert the last sentence when I know the outcome.  Then I will pick up my keys and put on my scarf and away I’ll go to get my pupils dilated.

If you see some idiot wandering round Brighton and/or Croydon in big shades today, have a laugh at them, it’s probably me.

Outcome: I was… right!  hahaha, so the burning will take place later today, I imagine.  Watch this space.

Diabetic moment of the day

Yesterday I really, really wanted that champagne truffle.  But I was at work and they were at home.  Boo.


One Response to “Episode 67. In which I fail. Again.”

  1. I’ve started work on the pyre.

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