Episode 69. In which I’m not very good at stuff.

Today was spent building Ikea furniture in our new flat, in between bringing boxes of stuff there to be unpacked into the furniture once it was built.

I’d done the Ikea room planner thing and had a great time deciding what would go where, and came up with a pretty brilliant layout, if I say so myself.  However, our new flat is in a very old building, and therefore there are no right angles – furniture that should’ve fitted, didn’t.  We got some of it in where it should’ve gone but for the rest we’ve had to compromise.  It’s all turned out for the best but still, I’m gutted that I was so rubbish at measuring up 😦

I built a wardrobe, all by myself.  It’s pretty good, but a bit squint – one of the doors didn’t quite shut smoothly.  I was all grumpy again about being rubbish at building stuff as well as measuring stuff, but then I moved the wardrobe into its final position and the door was fine.  It seems the floor’s on a slant as well.  Oh dear.

My Man built loads, he’s been amazing today, a proper trooper.  I’ve been rubbish, I’ve had a headache all day (I think I’m still winding down from work) and it was really hard to get off my arse and do anything.  I forced myself to bring round the last of the DVDs and some clothes and a bunch of stuff in boxes, but it was very, very hard.  And I feel very guilty, although he’s been lovely about me being so lazy.

That said, at one point we were banging away at various items of furniture in different rooms, singing along to Grease together.  Which was a bit sad and not something we do regularly, but it was fun.

Anyway, to be honest, I’m thinking of going to bed now.

It’s one minute to nine.

Nighty night.

Diabetic moment of the day

I felt rubbish earlier and I thought to myself, check your blood sugar, if there’s no good reason for feeling this rubbish, then check your blood sugar.

I did.

It was perfect.

Which was a) a weight off my mind and b) a pleasant surprise.   Not that my blood sugar’s usually all that bad but it’s always nice when it’s perfect.


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