Episode 70. In which we go for a walk.

We’re still doing the housemoving thing, this morning we moved a load of stuff round and then we dismantled the sofa and put the pieces in the new living room, ready to be put back together when I’ve washed the covers.

I managed to persuade My Man to go out for lunch with me, so we went for a walk to see if the place we had lunch last time we moved house was open.  It wasn’t, and it wasn’t going to be open for another half hour, so we went somewhere else.  Only to find we’d missed their lunch service by about three minutes.  We went somewhere else again and missed their lunch service by seven minutes.  In the end we came home and had a tin of soup with chips.  And bread and butter.  OK, I admit I only made bread and butter so I could have chip butties.  And they were among the best chip butties I’ve ever had.  But still, it was a very pleasant walk, but a waste of time as regards treating ourselves.

We’re hoping to get most of what’s left moved tomorrow.  We move in officially on Saturday, so that’s when the bed, fridge-freezer, washing machine and bookcases will go in.  Then we have a week before the landlords of the flat we’re leaving get home, so we’re cleaning the place up good and proper – hiring a carpet cleaner and everything, it’s going to be spotless.

The cat’s been in a weird mood, which isn’t surprising really, given that everything’s a massive mess and the furniture he’s used to sleeping on has gone missing.  There are nooks and crannies that weren’t there before, and we keep coming and going out the front door.  He doesn’t get to use the front door, we let him out the back but the front door leads to nothing but the main road and we don’t want him out there.  He sniffs it sometimes, and he tries to sneak out if we leave it open for more than a minute, and while we’ve been coming and going he’s been sticking around close to the front door so that when we go out with boxes, or come back with empty boxes, he can try to slither out through our legs.

He’s not getting out.

Hopefully he’ll settle into the new flat quite quickly, it’s almost exactly the same after all.  It’ll be a little while before we can let him out the back, because we don’t want him standing outside the old flat miaowing to be let back in.  He’s a lovely cat, and he likes living with us.  It’s going to be fine.

Diabetic moment of the day

Haven’t had one.  Not even one.


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