Episode 77. In which I get stuck in a lift, and other exciting adventures.

Things I have done today.

  • Got stuck in a lift.  If only for a few seconds.  You know when you walk into the kitchen, and you don’t know why you’re there?  A little voice somewhere in your head is going “here, over here, it’s me, I needed you to get the scissors, that’s why you’re in here!” but you’re vaguely aware of noise but no details, so you go and sit back down and think “now where did I leave the scissors?”.  Today, I was that little voice.  And the lift couldn’t remember why it had gone all the way to the sixth floor.  So it sat there and wouldn’t open the doors, even when I pressed the doors open button.  Until I pressed the sixth floor button again.
  • Drank a tall sugarfree vanilla skinny latte.  I do love these, but I very rarely have them, because coffee often gives me headaches, and because I find them far too filling and never finish them.  Today I finished it, and it was good, start to finish.
  • Found a little spiral curl in my hair.  Right in front of my ear where it fell out of my ponytail.  When I was at school girls would spend hours trying to create a little spiral in front of their ear.  Yay me.
  • Got compared to Working Girl.  Because I’ve decided to start wearing lipstick to work like a proper grown-up.  Kind of like what Melanie Griffiths (or whatever her name is) did.
  • Got nice feedback.
  • Set some objectives
  • Made a shopping list.  And then proceeded to buy everything on it.  Which is another rare occurence for me.
  • Wrote a rota.  Which sounds cool in itself.
  • Got a cold call from just the man I needed to speak to.  I’d never called that organisation before, but was asked to find some stuff out from them this morning, and before I got round to finding their number, they called up to try to sell me some stuff.
  • Compared myself to the non-Duracell bunny.  If I don’t get a proper lunchbreak then come 4pm I am like the bunny that didn’t get the Duracell batteries.
  • Counted the minutes.  I didn’t get a proper lunchbreak.
  • Made, and ate, pancakes, with a tiny scrape of tart lemon curd on top.
  • Wrote this out by hand.  Luckily.  Because I doubt I’d have had the energy to think it up right now.

Diabetic moment of the day

Didn’t have one.  That’s a good thing.


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