Episode 79. In which I talk about science.

Last weekend we were at the pub, talking about gardens and allotments.  Our new flat has a little garden with it that we are intending to use to grow vegetables and some fruit maybe and we have friends with allotments, so we were talking about how to go about things.  Of course there were some comments made regarding manure and after one particularly inappropriate one someone mentioned that you can’t use faeces with meat products in it.  Apparently only poo from a vegetarian (person or animal) can be used as fertiliser.

My first thought, and therefore the first question out of my mouth was, what if you feed a horse a sausage?

Surely, if you feed a horse a sausage, its poo is no longer useful as manure.  But what I want to know is, what happens when the manure from that horse is sold on to a bunch of organic farms, does their crop fail, or do they just not grow properly, or do they mutate, or what?

On the subject of science, we are currently watching Deep Blue Sea, which is one of the best films ever.  Let’s face it, Samuel L Jackson rocks, and any film in which he gets eaten in the middle of giving an inspirational speech has something that most films don’t.  Also, LL Cool J hiding in an oven and the genetically engineered shark turning on the gas was quite spectacular.

Anyway, science is cool.

Diabetic moment of the day

I didn’t have one today, although I didn’t eat anything until after we’d finished cleaning the old flat (I went there at 10am and didn’t wear my watch, by the time I got home it was gone 2pm, that place is spotless) so when I checked my blood sugar it was at the point where if I’d gone much longer I probably would’ve gone symptomatic.  Timing, eh?


2 Responses to “Episode 79. In which I talk about science.”

  1. I would think that if someone was contracted to sell manure to an organic farm they would stipulate in the contract that the horses were to be fed and medicated in compliance with the contract …

    The scene were Sam Jackson is eaten is pretty damn cool … really good special effects.

  2. diabetses Says:

    I apologise if I gave the impression that this would be anything less than a covert operation.

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