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Episode 108. In which I get jetlagged without going anywhere.

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The clocks changed on Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Society is now trying to convince me that it’s half past eight, when in fact it’s half past seven.  We sprung forward, that’s what we did.

For some reason, I have not taken to this well At All.  I have a splitting headache, and my brain is just mashed, I am out of my gourd right now, not thinking straight, or even wobbly, not even zigzag, my thought patterns are just everywhere.

A few years ago I went to New York on holiday.  The jetlag hit me very hard, I did not take to it well, I was wrecked for about 20 hours of every day I was away.  I think I’m a bit vulnerable to time changes.  It’s never hit me this hard before, but My Man’s had a horrible cold and felt rough all week, so I think I might have a wee touch of that, not enough to actually make me ill, just enough to bitchslap me upside the head so I lose my place in the space-time continuum.

I hope you all sprang forward with a little more grace than I did.

Diabetic moment of the day

I don’t have time for diabetes today.  I need to go to bed.


Episode 108. In which we do a little bit of gardening.

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Our new flat has a little bit of a garden out front, so we’re growing vegetables in it.  This is quite exciting so My Man has also bought a potato planter bin thing (god knows what it’s actually called), and I’m pretty sure he wants a wormery for his birthday.  This inference I got from his subtle discussion of where he’s going to put his wormery.  Which, granted, he might be willing to buy for himself, but we’re both really rubbish people to buy presents for so I hijacked this and demanded that I be allowed to get it for his birthday.  Now all that remains to be seen is whether he can wait til then.

It was nice and sunny today, a little bit nippy but pleasant, not like the rest of the week, which has been sneaky with all the rain.  So we were both out in the garden, digging a trench to plant some tatties, and then I took some pictures.  Not very good pictures, you understand, I’m just not a natural photographer, but green things are pretty.

Other than that I haven’t done too much really, just a ridiculous amount of washing up.  I was so proud of how clean the kitchen was yesterday, then I made the chilli for last night’s dinner, and by the time we’d eaten and everything somehow most of our crockery needed washed up again.  It’s alright though, I hate washing up cutlery and mugs and classes, they’re just annoying, but plates and bowls and saucepans and things, nice big straightforward things, they’re OK.  And if you make the water hot enough, they evaporate dry really quickly.

My only other achievement of today was that I watched a ridiculous amount of Supernatural on my laptop.  We had a friend round last night so that he and My Man could watch the Grand Prix this morning.  I don’t like F1 because I find it boring and it takes ages and it means I can’t watch the telly.  But now I’ve got a couple of Supernatural box sets I don’t care, I can stay in bed and watch what I want.  This morning was a cheat, of course, because it was the Australian GP and it was over before I even woke up, but still.  For future reference, there’s nothing else on telly on a Sunday anyway, so as long as I’ve got DVDs and my laptop, I’ll survive.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today we watched Heston Blumenthal’s Roman Feast, which included an ejaculating cake.  It was a chocolate cake, ejaculating saffron custard.  Oh My God did I want to eat that cake.  It is depressing to know that even if Heston Blumenthal cooked for me, I couldn’t eat that cake.  Boo.

Episode 107. In which yo no soy española.

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Today I have achieved a lot, I think.  I don’t feel massively exhausted by it, which is a risk when you do a lot after a hard week.

I am sitting in my living room, which is clearer since I finished a lot of unpacking, looks nicer since I sorted out the stuff that had been dumped on top of the DVD unit and the DVDs themselves, and is nice and lightbecause it’s a bright evening, in spite of the rain.  I can smell the chilli con carne I made from scratch, which has been simmering away in the slow cooker for the last four hours, ensuring it’ll be well and truly infused by the time we eat in another hour or two.  If I can wait that long.  I am just home from a refreshing stroll through the drizzle to the shops, where I bought the finishing touches for dinner (rice and freshly baked pitta bread), and so much San Miguel that the guy in the off licence asked if I was Spanish.
Yo no soy española.

Diabetic moment of the day

I haven’t had one today.  Which makes me suspicious.


Episode 106. In which I forget what I was going to say.

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Sorry.  All I can remember is my diabetic moment of the day.

Diabetic moment of the day

I’ve been taking insulin at breakfast time again, I didn’t for a long time but more recently (since the cold really) I’ve been back on it.  It’s been going fine, back to normal, and even when my blood sugars came down again from the cold I still needed a bit of the good stuff with breakfast.

Today, however, mid-morning a massive hypo hit me hard.  It came out of nowhere, first I knew of it I got the shakes so badly I had to open my emergency bag of jelly babies with scissors.  I couldn’t make my hands open the packet.  It was pretty scary.  My sugars, when I got all the kit together, were at 2.7.  I’ve seen lower.  But not very often.


Episode 105. In which shit happens.

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Today I have had one of those days.  By ‘one of those days’ I mean one of those days that makes you question your abilities.  I have questioned my ability to do my job.  I have questioned my ability to manage my time.  I have questioned my ability to find my way home.

However, with hindsight, I was just being blue.  I rock my job, and I rock it hard.  I don’t have any problem with time management other than not enough time in the day.  And I can get home just fine, if I just sit still and let the train take me there.

I intend to wake up tomorrow bright as a freakin’ button.  Wish me luck.

Diabetic moment of the day

I had a bit of a shaky moment today.  Luckily it was right before someone’s leaving do, which was tea and cakes.  I had a tiny little square (seriously, like half an inch squared) of millionaire shortbread, which sorted me right out.

Episode 104. In which is it bedtime yet?

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Sometimes a girl just needs an early night, you know?

The thing is, I am sleepy and yawning and drifting and dozing, and if I don’t go to bed now then what will happen is that I will become very giggly and idiotic and say even more stupid things than usual, and then when My Man goes to bed I will stay up and watch Grey’s Anatomy or some such bullshit.

Bullshit, I might add, that I do watch regularly, but usually watch on a Sunday afternoon when My Man’s at the pub.  I’m not dissing the Anatomy, especially not since Denny came back, I’m just saying, it’s nonsense and I really shouldn’t be staying up til midnight watching it.  Especially not when I’m having a hard time staying awake at 9am.

So the plan is I am going to eat my banana and go to bed.

Banana’s not a bad craving to have at suppertime, I’m quite proud of that.

Diabetic moment of the day

None.  I did have a lovely lovely lunch today.  Macaroni cheese at a pub really close to where I work, that I’d never even considered going into before.  Finding good macaroni cheese is excellent.  It has inspired me to put more mustard powder in my own cheese sauce.  Damn it was good.

Episode 103. In which it’s always just firefighting

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I stayed late at work tonight, I thought I could get a lot done.  I’m slowly clearing my desk, the piles build up again of course but a little less each time.  So today I thought, I can get a lot done in an extra hour, maybe clear a little bit of space that I can keep clear and maybe add to another day.

What did I manage to do in my extra hour in the office?

I managed to find an hour’s worth of problems I didn’t know about before, so I made no headway whatsoever in the backlog I’m pushing to get through.

This is what happens every time I work late, it seems.  Maybe I need to stay two hours late, so I can spend an hour doing what I need to do and the second hour on the firefighting.

Or maybe then I would just find twice as many problems.

Maybe I should just stop looking so closely.

Diabetic moment of the day

None, again, look at me, I rock.