Episode 81. In which I work late.

Here’s the thing, right, I worked late last night, and didn’t get home until 9pm, and then went to bed at 10pm, and in the middle forgot to write my blog.  Sorry.  I’m not actually sorry because staying up late to write it would’ve been stupid but if anyone is terribly disappointed in me for it, then I regret that.

Working late is a dilemma for me.  It takes such a long time to get home that working late means I get home at a silly time, like last night.  I realise 9pm isn’t the silliest time anyone has gotten home from working late, but if I don’t get my sleep I can’t function so it’s pretty important that I do, and that limits my available hours.  However, working late does mean that a) I get a lot of extra work done, because the phone’s not ringing, people aren’t passing through, it’s very quiet and peaceful and I can get my head down and get into tasks and b) when I do leave for home, the train is slightly less busy, I’m more likely to get a seat and less likely to get stood on by grumpy middle-aged men who are pissed off that there isn’t a first class carriage on this particular day.

I’m very busy recently and suspect I might have to work late a few times this week, but if that means I catch up on things then I’m not that bothered.  There’s only an hour in it (I’d have been home earlier last night if I hadn’t had to go grocery shopping on the way back from the station) and it means I can leave My Man to do the cooking.

This morning I woke up at 5am.  I wasn’t sure of the time because I left my phone in my jacket pocket so I got up to find it, and then after 10 minutes of dithering between going back to sleep and just getting up, I decided to get up.  Then I spent a bit of time dithering between going to work early and lounging around with a cup of tea for the extra hour, and went with the latter.

Which is how I had time to do this.

Diabetic moment of the day

Can’t think of anything.  But I do have to tell the hospital that I’ve moved house.  So my former landlords don’t get all my test results.


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