Episode 83. In which I’m all about the banter.

I have a headache today and my back’s sore so this isn’t going to be very long, I’m about to go to bed.

So far, since I got home, I have cooked dinner, and been accused of being abnormal, and threatened to punch My Man in various anatomical areas.  But it’s OK, because it’s all banter.  We do a lot of banter.  As you can tell by Episode 82.  Even the cat gets the backchat, and he doesn’t mind.

Banter is very important in a relationship, in any relationship, if you can’t banter with someone then you’re never, ever going to be able to relax in their presence, and that’s just more stress than anyone should have to handle.

In other news, the other day a supplier called me at work while I was on the other line, so he got my voicemail.  The first half of the message he left, and the first half of the conversation when I called him back, was about how I have a lovely voice, and should do voiceovers.

I could do voiceovers, I’ve said this before, in Episode something or other where I ranted about voiceover people doing bad impressions of unnecessary accents.  Someone give me a job doing voiceover work.  I could use the pocket money.

Diabetic moment of the day

None.  I didn’t need any insulin today, though.  I kept checking my sugars, ready to shoot up, but I was at 7 within 2 hours of lunch, which is pretty perfect I think, so no need.

However, the cat has taken to coming to sit on my lap just when I’ve got needles sticking in myself?


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