Episode 86. In which I dye my eyelashes.

There is such a thing as eyelash dye, believe it or not.  I got a kit a few years ago and it was quite good so when I was in Boots today looking to blow some Advantagecard points I got myself another one.

The dye lasts for about a month, and one kit will last for about a year.  You mix up the two ingredients into a paste, and then you put it onto your eyelashes and try not to rub your eyes for ten minutes.  It’s a pretty stupid concept and yet I like the effect.

It’s not a massive difference, but the thing is without any eye make-up I tend to look really washed out and exhausted, and whether I am or not, it’s not good to project that impression.  With dyed eyelashes there is a very slight, probably subconscious difference.  And when I wear mascara on top, it looks like proper eye make-up and not just what I managed to chuck on while the train was stopped outside Balcombe, or whatever.

As I finished typing the second paragraph above My Man got up, left the room, then came back asking me to shut my eyes and hold out my hand.  Now ordinarily I’d laugh at a request like that but feeling trusting I did it.  And when I opened my eyes, there was a little bottle of Sunshine yellow nail varnish in my hand.  Which he bought me, as a present, for no specific reason, other than he thought I’d like it.  There may have been something involved about proving a point to a friend, but the thing is, it was such a sweet thought that here I am, trying not to smudge the Sunshine yellow nail varnish that has not yet dried, grinning ear to ear.

Diabetic moment of the day

I got a bit shaky, just as I was about to serve up dinner.  There’s timing.


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