Episode 91. In which I have an elephant sitting on my chest.

It seems my half-face cold has evolved somewhat.  I now have a very slightly less horrible headcold (it’s still nasty but my sinuses are less broken-glassy) but it feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest.  I can breathe, nothing’s rattling, but it doesn’t feel nice, it feels heavy, it feels like I took my bronchii out for a 50K run this morning and then they just dropped straight to the ground for a nap.  Now they’re trying to walk home but they’re all stiff and heavy and sore.

I have old man bronchii.

They match my old man knees.  Which crack every time I stand up.  Fascinating fact for the day, right there.

Diabetic moment of the day

I went to get a diet coke today from the vending machine, and they only had caffeine free diet coke.  I’ll buy the sugarfree shit, I have no choice, but take the caffeine out as well and what’s left?  Nothing but bubbles.  I’m not paying 50p for a can of bubbles.


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