Episode 93. In which I sleep a lot.

OK, I failed to blog again yesterday, but cheer up, this means you get two episodes today.  Although this first one’s crap.  Catch-up blogs are always crap.  Sorry.

I slept yesterday.  In the afternoon, I had a nap.  A three-hour nap.  Now, I’ve had whole nights where I got less sleep than that, and since I don’t tend to nap anyway, that was a pretty huge sleep.  I’m putting it down to the cold, which is being a bit weird.  I’m feeling absolutely fine some of the time (well, coldy but fine in myself), and then I’ll suddenly feel like I’ve inhaled some kind of nerve gas.  There was a worry yesterday that I had become allergic to Becks.  But don’t worry, I drank the rest of the bottle and I’m fine now.

Anyway, I’m always behind on my sleep so I’m not complaining, but me sleeping for long periods of time during the day is unusual.

Not like when I was at university.  When I was at university, I once took seven naps in one day.  That was quite a hungover day, that was.  Oh yes.

Diabetic moment of the day

I just can’t get my sugars straight.  I’ve heard that when you’re ill your sugars can go a bit haywire but I’ve not experienced it before.  I’ve been ill since I got the diabetes, worse than I am now by far, but my sugars never went so mental.  Every time I check my blood right now it’s a couple of points higher than it should be, but when I take insulin it’s throwing it back too low and I’m getting hypos.  It’s very frustrating.  But I’m trying.


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