Episode 102. In which stop spamming me

It seems like every day now I’m deleting comments from my spam queue.  Don’t get me wrong, I love comments on my blog, especially from people I know (handbag suggestions very welcome) but strangers are very welcome too.  But there’s always something in my spam queue.

The WordPress spam queue is pretty much perfect to be honest, I don’t think anything’s been caught by the filter that hasn’t actually been spam.  I just don’t understand, really, what it’s all about.  I assume there’s some kind of automated nonsense that just finds my blog and the random bullshit just appears there.  But if you’re advertising diets, or knitting, or whatever, I’m not interested.

Just leave me alone, spamface.

Diabetic moment of the day

I want marmalade on toast.  I didn’t have any, though.  That would be cheating.


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