Episode 103. In which it’s always just firefighting

I stayed late at work tonight, I thought I could get a lot done.  I’m slowly clearing my desk, the piles build up again of course but a little less each time.  So today I thought, I can get a lot done in an extra hour, maybe clear a little bit of space that I can keep clear and maybe add to another day.

What did I manage to do in my extra hour in the office?

I managed to find an hour’s worth of problems I didn’t know about before, so I made no headway whatsoever in the backlog I’m pushing to get through.

This is what happens every time I work late, it seems.  Maybe I need to stay two hours late, so I can spend an hour doing what I need to do and the second hour on the firefighting.

Or maybe then I would just find twice as many problems.

Maybe I should just stop looking so closely.

Diabetic moment of the day

None, again, look at me, I rock.


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