Episode 104. In which is it bedtime yet?

Sometimes a girl just needs an early night, you know?

The thing is, I am sleepy and yawning and drifting and dozing, and if I don’t go to bed now then what will happen is that I will become very giggly and idiotic and say even more stupid things than usual, and then when My Man goes to bed I will stay up and watch Grey’s Anatomy or some such bullshit.

Bullshit, I might add, that I do watch regularly, but usually watch on a Sunday afternoon when My Man’s at the pub.  I’m not dissing the Anatomy, especially not since Denny came back, I’m just saying, it’s nonsense and I really shouldn’t be staying up til midnight watching it.  Especially not when I’m having a hard time staying awake at 9am.

So the plan is I am going to eat my banana and go to bed.

Banana’s not a bad craving to have at suppertime, I’m quite proud of that.

Diabetic moment of the day

None.  I did have a lovely lovely lunch today.  Macaroni cheese at a pub really close to where I work, that I’d never even considered going into before.  Finding good macaroni cheese is excellent.  It has inspired me to put more mustard powder in my own cheese sauce.  Damn it was good.


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