Episode 106. In which I forget what I was going to say.

Sorry.  All I can remember is my diabetic moment of the day.

Diabetic moment of the day

I’ve been taking insulin at breakfast time again, I didn’t for a long time but more recently (since the cold really) I’ve been back on it.  It’s been going fine, back to normal, and even when my blood sugars came down again from the cold I still needed a bit of the good stuff with breakfast.

Today, however, mid-morning a massive hypo hit me hard.  It came out of nowhere, first I knew of it I got the shakes so badly I had to open my emergency bag of jelly babies with scissors.  I couldn’t make my hands open the packet.  It was pretty scary.  My sugars, when I got all the kit together, were at 2.7.  I’ve seen lower.  But not very often.



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