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Episode 108. In which we do a little bit of gardening.

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Our new flat has a little bit of a garden out front, so we’re growing vegetables in it.  This is quite exciting so My Man has also bought a potato planter bin thing (god knows what it’s actually called), and I’m pretty sure he wants a wormery for his birthday.  This inference I got from his subtle discussion of where he’s going to put his wormery.  Which, granted, he might be willing to buy for himself, but we’re both really rubbish people to buy presents for so I hijacked this and demanded that I be allowed to get it for his birthday.  Now all that remains to be seen is whether he can wait til then.

It was nice and sunny today, a little bit nippy but pleasant, not like the rest of the week, which has been sneaky with all the rain.  So we were both out in the garden, digging a trench to plant some tatties, and then I took some pictures.  Not very good pictures, you understand, I’m just not a natural photographer, but green things are pretty.

Other than that I haven’t done too much really, just a ridiculous amount of washing up.  I was so proud of how clean the kitchen was yesterday, then I made the chilli for last night’s dinner, and by the time we’d eaten and everything somehow most of our crockery needed washed up again.  It’s alright though, I hate washing up cutlery and mugs and classes, they’re just annoying, but plates and bowls and saucepans and things, nice big straightforward things, they’re OK.  And if you make the water hot enough, they evaporate dry really quickly.

My only other achievement of today was that I watched a ridiculous amount of Supernatural on my laptop.  We had a friend round last night so that he and My Man could watch the Grand Prix this morning.  I don’t like F1 because I find it boring and it takes ages and it means I can’t watch the telly.  But now I’ve got a couple of Supernatural box sets I don’t care, I can stay in bed and watch what I want.  This morning was a cheat, of course, because it was the Australian GP and it was over before I even woke up, but still.  For future reference, there’s nothing else on telly on a Sunday anyway, so as long as I’ve got DVDs and my laptop, I’ll survive.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today we watched Heston Blumenthal’s Roman Feast, which included an ejaculating cake.  It was a chocolate cake, ejaculating saffron custard.  Oh My God did I want to eat that cake.  It is depressing to know that even if Heston Blumenthal cooked for me, I couldn’t eat that cake.  Boo.


Episode 107. In which yo no soy española.

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Today I have achieved a lot, I think.  I don’t feel massively exhausted by it, which is a risk when you do a lot after a hard week.

I am sitting in my living room, which is clearer since I finished a lot of unpacking, looks nicer since I sorted out the stuff that had been dumped on top of the DVD unit and the DVDs themselves, and is nice and lightbecause it’s a bright evening, in spite of the rain.  I can smell the chilli con carne I made from scratch, which has been simmering away in the slow cooker for the last four hours, ensuring it’ll be well and truly infused by the time we eat in another hour or two.  If I can wait that long.  I am just home from a refreshing stroll through the drizzle to the shops, where I bought the finishing touches for dinner (rice and freshly baked pitta bread), and so much San Miguel that the guy in the off licence asked if I was Spanish.
Yo no soy española.

Diabetic moment of the day

I haven’t had one today.  Which makes me suspicious.


Episode 101. In which I fail to find a handbag.

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I want a new handbag.  I have a lot of bags but I want one that’s more grown-up, that’s big enough to hold all my stuff (purse, book, insulin kit etc) but not big enough to be considered comically oversized.  I saw one in Monsoon that was quite nice but I didn’t buy it, it wasn’t in the sale.  And now I need to find something similar but affordable.

Today I looked in a few places but didn’t see anything that came close.  I saw a bag I really liked but then realised it fell under the comically oversized category.  I have a business lunch later this week so I might have a look around the shops near work on Monday.

I did have a really pleasant walk around today with My Man, the sun was shining and although it was a bit nippy it was lovely to be out.  I stayed in bed for a long time this morning, just for the sake of being lazy, I watched loads of Supernatural on my laptop.

Diabetic moment of the day

Not that I can think of.  I really want a bowl of ice cream though.

Episode 99. In which Oh My God what a bloody day.

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This week I’ve found it really hard to get out of bed, so I’ve been running a little bit late all week, although not late enough to cause any trouble.

This morning, however, everything went wrong.

Just as I was about to leave, I went to put the peanut butter on my toast (I bring peanut butter on cold toast to work for breakfast)  and dropped the peanut butter.  Which, of course, hit everything on the way down and then smashed on the floor.

I couldn’t find my watch, which is one of those things that I get irrational about, not least because my watch stays with my ring, which I got for my 21st birthday from my mother and which I don’t like not knowing the whereabouts of.  I also just can’t handle not knowing the time, not having it right where I can see it, I’m just uncomfortable without my watch.

As we were heading out the door, I realised I’d forgotten my phone.  Again, I don’t like not having my phone, it makes me feel cut off.  I can’t be on my e-mail all day, I have too much to do, I like having my phone give a little beep when it wants attention, so I know I can ignore it as long as it’s quiet.

Anyway, the day was just very busy, and mindnumbing, and fairly productive but I couldn’t name what I achieved, I could only name what remains on my to do list.  Which isn’t ideal, really.

Diabetic moment of the day

This morning the guy sitting next to me on the train had a hypo. Weird, right?  I offered him my jelly babies but he’d already eaten some sugar before I saw him test his blood so he was alright.

Episode 89. In which we go out for steak

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The steak was very nice, but we got home very late and went straight to bed.

Diabetic moment of the day

Shooting up in the pub.  That’s always a winner.

Episode 85. In which I wonder what the hell I did last night.

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I realise this looks pretty bad in the light of yesterday’s post, which was all about alcohol.  I did not, in fact, get drunk last night, I certainly didn’t black out and forget what I did.

This morning my legs were very stiff and sore, just like the day after a bad cramp.  I know what I’m talking about here, leg and foot cramp gives me the screaming fear because when I was in my teens I suffered from them regularly.  On more than one occasion I woke up with a massive, massive cramp in my calf and woke the whole house up screaming.  Each time I got cramp I would be limping for several days thereafter, I don’t understand the proper physiological reason but my dad (who is both a scientist and a liar because I think he finds it funny to tell me something and have me argue it as truth when in fact it’s utter bollocks and I’m just stupid for trusting my dad) explained it as my muscle having been burned with the built up lactic acid, and taking a few days to heal.

Anyway, I certainly don’t remember getting cramp last night.  I know I didn’t wake up screaming, I don’t think I woke up at all, so I must’ve had a very low-level cramp, although for long enough to hurt like a bugger when I tried walking on it.

Not that it stopped me, it slowed me down a bit but sometimes it’s nice to slow down a bit.

Diabetic moment of the day

Today I went to Chi Noodle for lunch.  I love Chi Noodle.  You should all go to Chi Noodle.  One of the things I love the most about Chi Noodle is that I can get their pork dumplings and egg fried rice and it doesn’t require any insulin to burn it off.